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  1. Palmer

    Alpoko Don (aka Don Dada)

    Just found this dude yesterday. I've had his 3 porch tracks practically on repeat ever since. I've never been incarcerated but I imagine that would be where this guy got these skills. _8pZyb7URY0 Tu-3GNcf7X8 kboYfDwt7jk RsnAVOo33ic
  2. Palmer


    My source on the inside said that HAD was picked up by the boegs for felony possession of tacos. He stayed true to brehin and was fixin ham sammiches but was detained before any sammys could be served. #discuss
  3. Palmer

    Greatest Male Television Character (future poll)

    We've had the greatest movie and tv show thread, might as well make a greatest male character (then female, then best male movie and female movie (if this thread gets good feedback)) Once there's a pretty good idea of everyones top 10 I'll make another thread and have a poll. To start it off...
  4. Palmer

    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

    Anybody heard of these guys? They're like skate kids from LA that rap about death, rape, murder etc. I just heard about them last night, but I think it's probably some of the best shit I've heard in a LONG time. The two main people are Tyler the Creator and Earl. They're brothers, Earl's like...
  5. Palmer

    Excuses You've Used To Get Out Of Going To Work...

    Just curious what people have said to their bosses so they didn't have to go to work, or so they could show up late. I've used A LOT due to my drunkenness and inability to wake up on time, or be in a decent mindset to actually go in to work. Few example I've used: "My cousin left her husband...
  6. Palmer

    Friends That Have Died

    Shit sucks so fucking bad. Just had an old friend die a few days ago from and OD and I couldn't make his service today. Feel hella shitty, gonna get completely fucked up tonight. Probably not a good idea but fuck it. How many of you have had close friends die? How did you get through it? Got...
  7. Palmer

    What To Do In San Francisco?

    I'm going to be in SF from 7-10 July and I'm curious, what shit do I NEED to check out? Of course I'm going to hit Alcatraz, the Bridge, Haight & Ashbury but what else? I'm going for my birthday and want to set up a full day of tight shit to do, good food to eat and I'm hoping to get a little...
  8. Palmer

    R.I.P. Jay Reatard

    9dT75uzsuNM&feature=player_embedded Memphis garage rocker Jay Reatard, who broke out last year thanks to Watch Me Fall, has died at the age of 29, Reatard’s label Matador Records confirmed. According to Memphis’ Commercial Appeal, Reatard was found dead in his Memphis home at 3:30 am this...
  9. Palmer

    Christmas Music

    Can someone hook up some good Christmas music please? I think RJ put up a Christmas mix last year but I need some more decent Christmas music by decent bands. Thanks in advance!
  10. Palmer

    Songs You'll Remember From The Summer Of 2009

    I'm just sitting here listening to music that is reminding me of how dope this last Summer was. Just curious what songs will always remind you guys of the Summer of 09. *Rap songs included* jpkeJWXY4ZA isL-M4_Mftk -nx-KQNkOog
  11. Palmer

    Should I take a cab to go get more beer tonight?

    I'm pretty drunk but it's only 12:10. What do you guys think?
  12. Palmer

    If You Could Get One Band Back Together Who Would It Be?

    This should be pretty interesting. I'd have to say either Botch or Drowningman. Anyone else?
  13. Palmer

    Favorite Tape Only Release?

    Just curious what everyones favorite would be? Albums that were put on CD like 10 years later count too. Mine would be either Tommy Wright III "Runnin N Gunnin" or Playa Fly (Lil Fly at the time) "Out Da Darkness Of Da Kut"
  14. Palmer

    For Those Of You That Hate On Drake...

    oywRMEc7WEc JRwQJJYZdL8 Come on now ya'll. People that know me know I don't listen to no bullshit. Listen to these tracks and tell me he's weak....
  15. Palmer

    Kenwood deck question... need help

    Wow that sucks dude. Sounds like you're gonna need to contact Kenwood. Sorry but I hate to break it to you that Kenwood is nothing more then a visually pleasing deck. Alpine and Eclipse are where it's at....
  16. Palmer

    How Come Farts Smell Like Your Friends!

    Okay I had to stay in a detox center with someone last night. He was blowin up the room, some shit that was way worse than anything I've ever smellt. Well now my farts smell like his. What's up with that? That always seems to happen. My farts smell like some rotten shit I've been exposed...
  17. Palmer

    Genre Comps....

    It's going to be a lot of work but I'm hoping some of you music heads will put in the work to make some comps for your favorite genres.....Nutt, Smurf, Jesse, RJ.....put in work fellas.
  18. Palmer

    Yahoo IMers...

    Who uses Yahoo? I'm satherp5 add me...
  19. Palmer

    Myka 9 CD + T-Shirt Giveaway! Contest ends July 5th

    Contest Page: Media Obscura | Underground Culture Main Prize: 1 winner will win a brand new copy of Myka 9’s latest album ‘1969′ and a Media Obscura shirt in the size of their choice (Adult S-XL). Second Prize: 2 winners will receive a Media Obscura shirt in the size of their choice (Adult...
  20. Palmer

    How Do You Deal With Drunk Friends?

    I had a friend a couple weeks get all drunk and try and put me in a head lock and tell me to leave his house. Well he was drunk as fuck and he had no reason to do that so now he feels all bad. How should I react?