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  1. 28g w/o the bag

    redman "dopeman"

    rick rock on the beat Redman — “Dopeman" (AUDIO). | not bad. ::
  2. 28g w/o the bag

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Look Back At ‘Creepin On Ah Come Up’

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Look Back At 'Creepin On Ah Come Up' - XXL ::
  3. 28g w/o the bag


    anybody in here ever fuck with this? Bombermine ::
  4. 28g w/o the bag

    city nights

    i created this playlist awhile back as something i can listen to while riding around san francisco or los angeles late at night.... 1. pollyn "gave it up" 2. mr. fingers "can you feel it" 3. digable planets "flying high in the brooklyn sky" 4. tela "blackhaven" 5. colossus "innacity" 6. rithma...
  5. 28g w/o the bag

    remember, fellas...

    it's tricking if you got it ::
  6. 28g w/o the bag

    black devil doll anyone ever seen this? all i have to say is.... wow ::
  7. 28g w/o the bag

    intua beatmaker 2

    anyone fuck with this yet? ::
  8. 28g w/o the bag

    rich the factor "aka scritch the scratcha"

    anyone here have a good quality cover art (about 500 x 500 px) for the original version of this CD (with him posted up behind his car)? all i can find is the re-issue CD and the tape version... ::
  9. 28g w/o the bag

    what song is playing at the end of this clip?

    ajDr09ajYys ::
  10. 28g w/o the bag

    mistah fab "passenger seat"

    anyone know what sample was used on this track? i think it was peabo bryson or some shit like that ITS CHILL SCRILL BABY!!! ::
  11. 28g w/o the bag

    this is one of the best reggae tracks ever

    tu pinche beezoids. 8-45zcNfYVk ::
  12. 28g w/o the bag

    this is dope ::
  13. 28g w/o the bag


    Car theft plan led to Hayward slayings, police say By Eric Kurhi The Oakland Tribune Posted: 02/04/2010 01:30:12 PM PST Updated: 02/04/2010 07:56:18 PM PST Guest book Share condolences for Angelito Erasquin Related Feb 3: Victims in Hayward killings were stabbed to death Feb 2: Two men slain...
  14. 28g w/o the bag

    dom kennedy "menace beach"

    yrX3nP9RHsI this shits kinda cool ::
  15. 28g w/o the bag

    fuck it... time for a siccness roast as you can see in the comments section, there is a very, VERY gay poster in there who goes by the name of MrJayracks aka sister gay racks, and he thought it would...
  16. 28g w/o the bag

    The "Yeah No Shit It's Cold" Mega-Thread!

    it's snowing out in here in dublin that is all ::
  17. 28g w/o the bag

    Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser's Father Dead Of Apparent Suicide ::
  18. 28g w/o the bag

    hangin with the homeboys anyone remember this movie? i haven't seen this shit since 1993.... watching it now ::
  19. 28g w/o the bag

    post up the worst song(s) you ever heard in your life.

    3_iQZiVD_zA this one does it for me. this song is such a got damned mess that it's insane, and if there's anything out there that's worse than this, then i'm not interesting in hearing it now smile ::
  20. 28g w/o the bag

    I used teh google, but....

    theres a program called soundconverter that supposedly doesn't officially support wma to mp3 conversion.... but it's worked every time i tried, so you might want to check that out ::