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    Bay boyz

    That Lil bitch song hardest shit i heard out the bay in a min
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    places to buy music in anaheim

    I am from the bay but am coaching one of my guys at worlds strongest man this weekend which is held at the commerce casino in hotel is in there any spots I can pick up hard local LA music
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    for the youth in the bay

    My name is Ricky LaRocca I am a pro strongman competitor and personal trainer.along with my homeboy pro wrestler "strongman Jon Andersen a program teaching strength training to kids age 15-20.this is free of charge.want to try to help keep some kids off the street.growing up I was a fuck up who...
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    Personal trainer/strongman

    I am a personal trainer in frisco.also I compete in strongman.I was injured last sept.this is a video of my comeback.if any of you is interested in training hit me up.