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  1. cheeto

    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    bruh got bay area anthems that will be slapped for years to come man these were most def the good ol'days Shout out to the P RIP jack
  2. cheeto

    D-LO Choppa dance video

  3. cheeto

    2014 funny threads (the wattsonville comments lol)...
  4. cheeto


    these things b funny as fuck who the fuck makes these? i cant picture no thug ass tatted out nortay making a mickey mouse norte picture and giggling when its done lol
  5. cheeto

    Big Robo aka Pig

    oh man I've been reading this thread for hella long im barely on page 41 and godddamn thank u siccness for the great laughs just sucks that hella those pics dont show up i wish i could see...
  6. cheeto

    soulja boy vs cheeto beef oh he mad?

    soulja boy called me a bitch ass nigga and got me banned from instagram lol all cuz he posted a pic of sum shoes and all i said was "them muthafuckas hella ugly" then all his groupies(grown ass men) started talking hella shit to me then he talked shit lol fuck soulja boy and instagram
  7. cheeto

    theres a black dude in cupertino doing white people shit

    awwww lawwwdd he shoootin errrbody i been watching this on the news n shit if yall in that area be careful
  8. cheeto

    The Cheeto Pregnancy Drama (this deserves its own thread)

    i just ate scrambled eggs with mustard i hope my bitch aint pregnant cuz i hate mustard and last time my other bitch got preg i started eating hella mustard and Dead Blue is a fag
  9. cheeto

    im a fuckin talent agent lol link inside

    fail dont know how to delete fail
  10. cheeto

    cool story bro..cheeto edition

    so im bored at my girl house house while she taking forever to get ready so ima share a story that happend to me last night so im riding down buchanan in pitsburg right by the starbucks on loveridge going towards railroad its about midnight i had just dropped my bitch off in antioch n was goin...
  11. cheeto

    cover for this weeks sf guardian news paper

    J. STALIN Pic i did
  12. cheeto

    man so I didnt even notice till sumbody pointed it out..

    so im at work right..just chillin n shit at my desk talkin to one of my boys n shit right so he talkin bout he kinda hungry n shit so i open my drawer and offer him a twinkie and sum ice tee... so he start hella laughin n shit talkin bout that sum hella fat nigga shit how ima have a drawer full...
  13. cheeto


    Help ur fellow siccness member out u work at mcdonalds? u got the food plug u work at bestbuy? employee discount plug how can we benefit from eachother? I take pictures i will def hook up my siccness people with a fat ass joog so what can yall bring to the table?
  14. cheeto

    lets trade...

  15. cheeto

    took a girl out friday didnt go as i planned

    i know im fat n stuff but on friday night i met up with this girl i used to mmess with i had'nt seen her in almost a year n shit so last week she hit me up saying she wanna see me n she miss me n typical shit like that i can understand tho because im so fuckin dope of course she miss me u know...
  16. cheeto

    terrorist bloopers lol

    sorry if its a repost but this is hella funny <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  17. cheeto

    cookin with el gordo

    whipped this up real quick and decided to share it with u guys cuz ima fat bastard i call this plate a "Bucheeto" step juan- cook u up 1 fat ass steak step tu- tortillas(flour) slap it on the comal step tri- beans step for- steak(dont be greedy u lil bitch pile that shit on)...
  18. cheeto

    post pics of ur guns

    post pics of yall weapons my fave of all my guns 38 special snubnose my least favorite my lil nephews chose this one out so i bought it only for that reason smith wesson 9mm glock 45cal the big boy red dot i came up on for free this is sum call of duty shit
  19. cheeto

    post a picture of ur chreemast tree

    im bout to ina minute after i wrap these lil gifts i bought today
  20. cheeto

    bought these today

    had to buy these yea i like toys so what dont judge me im fat