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  1. GTS


    too much of a story to be told in 2 hours i liked the plot and just wished they could of gotten deeper into the background story anyone else seen it? benicio and josh brolin were really good in it
  2. GTS

    games we buy for our kids

    anyone bought disney infiniti for their kids fuckin rip off, they make you buy each character and level knowing damn well they can put it all into the disk but my kids be playing the shit out of that game
  3. GTS

    30 for 30 younstown boys pretty good espn documentary that was on this week about Maurice Clarett he got screwed over by ohio st big time the restrictions they put on him if he wanted to return punishment runs psychological evaluations 3.5 gpa with no tutors ( while other athletes only...
  4. GTS

    VALLEJO shooting at lil scrappy concert leaves 1 dead

    this was a bad idea from the get go to have this concert here Vallejo police: Woman, 34, dies from wounds at 'Lil Scrappy' concert - Vallejo Times Herald A 34-year-old woman was fatally shot, and another wounded late Friday during a rap concert at Dan Foley Park in Vallejo, police reported...
  5. GTS

    politicians gold card in la

    people keep voting for these fuckin inbred politicians, even though they think the laws don't apply to them Los Angeles residents are up in arms over the existence of the "Gold...
  6. GTS

    Mark Cuban wants NCAA football playoff and is willing to spend $500 million my hats off to Cuban
  7. GTS

    north korea bombed south korea?

    north bombed some small island wonder what the response will be from south korea and usa
  8. GTS

    Dez Bryant Okl St Wr ineligible took a trip to deion sanders house and didn't disclose it. stupid to lie, but the ncaa is a bunch of old crooks that get rich off these kids.
  9. GTS

    squeez richmond gotham city

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  10. GTS

    how good is darrelle revis cb jets

    week 1 andre johnson 34 yds ( we all saw what he did week 2) week 2 randy moss 24 yds
  11. GTS

    California budget

    our state alone is a big wheel in the economy. to let it get this bad, I wonder how anyone trust politicians. handing out iou's to people will help pay rent and mortgage:confused:
  12. GTS

    North Korea "If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will ... wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all," a dispatch from the official Korean Central News Agency said." :confused:
  13. GTS

    fantasy trade LT

    in one of my leagues I fucked up and took LT #1 and shit hit the fan with Colston bein hurt jamal lewis, garrard sucking and so forth. i'm 0-2 and traded LT and jamal Lewis for Aaron Rodgers, and Ryan Grant, I have good receivers but needed to reshape the team dumb or not?
  14. GTS

    near martial law in arkansas Mayor James Valley said. "The citizens deserve peace, that some infringement on constitutional rights is OK and we have not violated anything as far as the Constitution." is this a valid way of stopping crime?
  15. GTS

    SFPD execution of Gus Rugley shot 36 times 6 in the face
  16. GTS


    This is a good documentary on one of the best.
  17. GTS

    media responsibility

    Do you think the media is apathetic, on issues of relevance, or do they follow the guidelines on what they are allowed to report on. Cause we all know if you search a story it's 100 different places printing the same story. To me it seems like a time in history that the media could bring up...
  18. GTS

    at work can't watch march madness

    go to game center watch now
  19. GTS

    Jack Johnson: The Unforgivable Blackness 1 Part 1/15

    This is a good ass documentary on one of the best boxers ever. It's hella long I think there all on youtube, it's on netflix too.
  20. GTS

    bad year ahead for california schools and youth

    I never understood how budgets REALLY work. I mean to think that health care and public schools are even options to cut funding is beyond what a responsible government official should do. Is there any transparency on how and where the money goes and how the spending is now $141 billion less or...