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  1. Midwest Freak

    New Auction very rare Woodie and more !!

    check it out - Woodie Demonz N My Sleep Advanced copy very few made . Northern Expozure Vol. 1 Lou-E-Lou Trunk Muzic Lil Coner Balled out TRU-ID Stranded C-Dubb The Garbage Man...
  2. Midwest Freak

    new listing of rare midwest and norte cds 2 auctions

    one auction ending in 24 hours and and a new listing of cds just added ending later that ya wont be able to get again . any bay , norte , and midwest peeps will be be very happy to see what is listed .
  3. Midwest Freak

    rare Kansas City , Norte and more

    up for bid are some very rare out of print cds , take a look .
  4. Midwest Freak

    Rare Midwest and Nothern Cali Cds for sale

    check my Ebay listing now for some very rare and out of print Midwest and Northern Cali cd's . Click Here
  5. Midwest Freak

    new Toothpic cd

    he just got the cds in today and its called Toothpic - The Pride Of Kansas City . they are availble at Keep It Real in Kansas City Kansas and i'm helping him on orders if you want one shipped to ya till he gets them in a online store , cds are $10.00 + shipping just pm if interested . the single...
  6. Midwest Freak

    New Young Kev cd

    if your a Young Kev fan get that shit , it's called "Mixed Emotions" and it worth every penny . here's the cover folk :
  7. Midwest Freak

    The Popper and James Christos show

    get your ass off tha couch and catch The Popper and James Christos puttin it down in St. Joseph , Mo Feb. 8th @ Mirrors folk.
  8. Midwest Freak

    ot need KC and KCK help

    the Ford dealership that i work for is closing for business on january 31 after 40 years of being in business and i have been their for 23 years myself . all im askin if any of you KCMO and KCK peeps hear of someone needin help let me know in a pm if ya would , i dont need no one puttin in a...
  9. Midwest Freak

    New Donta Slusha

    was down at the local shop and seen this and had'nt even heard of it being out so i copped it . Donta Slusha never dissapoints , he got flows for days . i usually dont like mixtapes but this one is put together very nicely and i haft to say Tha Steet Monstaz do it up right though . you can get...
  10. Midwest Freak

    Midwest Banner - Lets see some work for New Banner!

    why dont we have one at the top of the page ? what u guys think ?
  11. Midwest Freak

    V.V. show

    if ya don't know who V.V. is ya need to check him out , not many shows poppin so i tought you Midwest peeps might be interested .
  12. Midwest Freak

    ebay auction for some rare cds .

    theres some real hard to find Norte music in this listing so get them while ya still can folk .
  13. Midwest Freak

    Gangsta Grim ?

    can't get enough of this Grim off all then old Fam-le Tree cds but was wondering if he has any old solos out or if was part of another group ? guy is just sick with his flows .
  14. Midwest Freak


    i luv the way this guy flows and got all the Veteran Click cds , is he on any comps or got any solo shit out ? dude got majior skills on the mic.
  15. Midwest Freak

    new Lejo project

    just to let you Lejo fans know that hes got a greatest hits cd is in the works and there will be 4 or 5 new tracks on it also . dont listen to the guy but it don't look like hes gave it up quite yet .
  16. Midwest Freak

    different version of K-Rino Hit List ?

    i just got a order from there site and the hit list cd did'nt come with a cover or track listing , its not a cdr but it only has 16 tracks and all the listing i find on it has 17 tracks... was there 2 different hit list cds put out ? i'll soak tomorrow to find out but i figure u peeps might...
  17. Midwest Freak

    Donnie Darkflow

    was wondering what you all thought of it ? IMO this is some of the best music to come outta the KC scene right now , Grew and Matt did there work on this one . Donnie Darkfow is on sum Sikflow for sure , people dont sleep on this you wont be dissapointed . all i wanna know is whens tha full cd...
  18. Midwest Freak

    Lucky Luciano , Sliccs and Toothpic show

  19. Midwest Freak

    Lucky Luciano , Sliccs and Toothpic show

    come down to tha National Guard Armory Friday June 9th for Gradutation Night Class of 06 ...Mo Money Productions & P.I.C. Entertainment presents : Lucky Luciano , Sliccs , Toothpic and others to follow . if you wanna open up call 913-433-1090 , see ya at tha show folks .
  20. Midwest Freak

    new revenge is easy shirts ?

    hey Gabe u guys sellin these shirts that Malice is sportin ? gotta have a couple of them in tha red and black ones if available , holla back .