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  1. Ne Obliviscaris

    Best post in sicc history

    Post nominations and links.
  2. Ne Obliviscaris

    Merry Xmas from Uncle Bill

  3. Ne Obliviscaris

    Richmond police chief protests against police violence (no Short)

    Richmond police chief a prominent participant in protest against police violence (no Short) Richmond police chief a prominent participant in protest against police violence -
  4. Ne Obliviscaris

    Incisions, you scared little bitch.

    Fuck off and leave this site, punk. If you scary enough to delete your threads when they get too hot, you dont deserve to be on the siccness.
  5. Ne Obliviscaris

    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so rapper AP9 was talking crazy to some guy from Modesto, CA on Instagram and had a autograph signing in Modesto a week later. Well while he was in Modesto he went to the mall with his bodyguards and ran into the guy he was talking crazy...
  6. Ne Obliviscaris

    Interesting article on the prison hunger strike last year

    Don't think this is a repost, but even if it is, its a damn good read. Kind long so I won't embed it: Is Solitary Confinement an Impossible Idea? -- New York Magazine
  7. Ne Obliviscaris

    Interesting article on the genetics of violence
  8. Ne Obliviscaris

    Damnit emma

    @emma, why'd you have to out me like that? I never even got an opportunity to put that account to good use.>:(
  9. Ne Obliviscaris cash your checks and get on....

    this used to be a monthly tradition, but I'm too lazy to use the sicc's shitty search so, happy new years to all the breh goons.... bpBP9dALcWw
  10. Ne Obliviscaris

    A Junkies Christmas

    One of my favorite Christmas stories. Bill really knew how to tell 'em. u6kHN92Yv48
  11. Ne Obliviscaris

    Interview with a cat that photographs murder shrines in Oakland.

    A Photographer is Documenting Oakland's Murder Shrines | VICE United States
  12. Ne Obliviscaris


    Is Nickatina in your club right now or did someone steal you name? Andre Nickatina ‏@andrenickatina 42m The DJ at the strip-club right now-NAME IS...DICK HENNESSY!!! ...Fillmoe!
  13. Ne Obliviscaris

    Sicc AIDS was flarin up for a minute there
  14. Ne Obliviscaris

    an Aryan paradise in Dominica and make money through casinos, cocaine and brothels.
  15. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey Monte, whatever happened to xtraplans IPO in november???????

    For some reason the search function isnt finding the original thread, and I'd like an update on Monte's millions, so whats the word, breh? You ballin like Kaveo on us suckas? Hows extraplan doing? What exchange are they publicly traded on and what the price per share?
  16. Ne Obliviscaris

    Merry Xmas, brehs.

  17. Ne Obliviscaris

    Freddie Gibbs: TSA Wrote Note, 'C'mon Son', After Finding Pot In My Bag I have no idea who Freddy Gibbs is, but the note is lulz.
  18. Ne Obliviscaris

    Faggot ass judge beats the shit out of his daughter who has cerebral palsy.

    Its kinda hard to watch Wl9y3SIPt7o
  19. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey outcasted and mac jesu...

    ...and all the other australian goons, are you guys familiar with Taman Shud mystery, or the mystery of the unknown man? This guy: