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  1. Gofer

    OT: Beats Ive Made

    Hey guys I don't usually make OT posts but I was just hoping you guys could go on my soundcloud page and check out some beats Ive made I'd really like to hear some honest feedback good or bad. Im pretty new at making beats and I make them all on fruity loops. Heres the link...
  2. Gofer

    Necro Tech N9ne Collab?

    Anyone know where I can hear this song? cant find it anywhere...
  3. Gofer

    COD 4 Star Wars Mod

    DXrvi-6wPAs Really makes me wish I pc gamed
  4. Gofer

    You guys are gonna love this...

  5. Gofer

    Making of Strangeland

  6. Gofer

    The N9na Strikes Back Even the Empire knows that Tech N9ne has a deadly flow. In this hilarious video clip, a fan dons Darth Vader’s helmet and takes on Tech N9ne’s “The Melancholy Maze”. The Vader...
  7. Gofer

    Slave - Tech N9ne feat. Krizz n Kutt Im diggin it
  8. Gofer

    Captain Planet Mutha Fucka

    Don Cheadle TwJaELXadKo
  9. Gofer

    Da Kennel f. Tech N9ne "Better Believe It" Da Kennel lets loose and brings Tecca Nina along for the ride on the smash hit, “Better Believe It”. Drowning in synths, the production pumps adrenaline straight into listeners ears as Tech N9ne takes...
  10. Gofer

    ParkerVision: Tech N9ne all 6's and 7's tour interview

    mentions Tyler the creator, eminem and royce and others. Pretty cool interview, decided to post it here after I saw it on the tech blog. DQn0zEZWNj8
  11. Gofer

    You Ready to take the Pledge?

    Tech N9ne’s ‘The Pledge Of A Technician’ To Air Daily Due To Popular Demand Tech N9ne’s featured ode to truth and justice, “The Pledge”, will now be aired daily (with the exception of Friday’s broadcasts of SM Live) due to popular demand. There are so many fans out there waiting to take The...
  12. Gofer

    Tech N9ne MTV Interview Jun 13 2011 Tech N9ne Bringing Lil Wayne, B.o.B Into His World 'Different artists are supposed to hook up and make something beautiful,' the underground MC tells MTV News. By Rob Markman Among his underground following...
  13. Gofer

    24 Deep Throwback

    Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep Staring Brotha Lynch Hung Madesicc Muzicc Trhowbacz C Walk by Da K A T Video Directed and Edited by Don Rob FliXXX p_nSQO5VLUo
  14. Gofer

    Tech N9ne Visits The Midland Theatre

  15. Gofer

    Travis Barker Interview mentions Tech N9ne

    bKYy_OGAX7M start around the 26 sec marker if you dont wanna watch the whole thing
  16. Gofer

    Hip Hop Official Krizz Kaliko Paid Dues Interview

  17. Gofer

    "Too Gangsta" Txx Will feat. Tech N9ne Promo Video

  18. Gofer

    Start Some Phonk - Brotha Lynch Hung feat. GMacc

    5YrbihtEmwg Gas Station 2 Mixtape Single Directed and edited by Don Robinson Don Rob FliXXX
  19. Gofer

    Hands Commercial

  20. Gofer

    Kinda OT: So Cee Lo's "Lady Killer" came out

    and Im very dissapointed to find out theres no Krizz feature, I was really hoping it would happen. Twatter: "Just spoke wot cee-lo of Gnarls Barkley anxiously waitin for a colab wit us. He's like my idle. Man that was a trip when he called" Oh...