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  1. TrøLL

    Need some more feedback.

    I have fun doin these contests... Feed back would be much appreciated. Gracias! 36qCzJfMmT4
  2. TrøLL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    But rape is illegal. You can't just go around raping people you think are following you..
  3. TrøLL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    Interesting... Jury Finds Roderick Scott Not Guilty (Black man shoots white teen, found not guilty) Jury Finds Roderick Scott Not Guilty - Rochester my bad if this has been posted already.
  4. TrøLL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    If white dude was attacking you, smashing your face in... Id say you were justified..
  5. TrøLL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    Hes obviously racist.. Ignored by media: Zimmerman voted for Obama, tutored black kids - Wilmington Conservative |
  6. TrøLL

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    It isn't illegal to follow someone in a public place. It is illegal to attack someone physically without them physically threatening or attacking you.. (and no, i don't constitute someone following me as threatening) Zimmerman was a dumbass for following in the first place trying to play hero...
  7. TrøLL

    A Contest Entry I Did..

    Would appreciate some feedback.. Much Love and Respect! PX8nz0ZVHsY
  8. TrøLL

    Need some feedback.

    My Funk Volume contest entry.. Im not being judged on the vid cause I know my quality needs to step it up a notch, but I can use some constructive criticism. Gracias! kBVC454ZYHU *Peep the East Co Co shirt woodie sent me himself :)
  9. TrøLL

    DayZ vs WarZ: Real Zombie Survival Games

    Have any of you guys ever fucked with one of these newer zombie survival Mmos? So unlike other zombie games, these are a little more realistic. Your character starts off with nothing but a backpack. You go from town to town scavenging for food, water, medicine, etc. You have to watch out for...
  10. TrøLL

    Relentless one

    Lulz wtf is this
  11. TrøLL

    The End Timez Mixtapes by Troll Of Beast Ent (Free Downloads)

    Im releasing a mixtape at the start of every month until the end of the year. All of them will be free. My whole theory is, you need to build an audience and a fanbase, before you invest time and money into a project you expect them to buy, otherwise your going to flop.. THE BUZZSAW MIXTAPE...
  12. TrøLL

    Free music..

    Enjoy.. or not. :) My music is an acquired taste.
  13. TrøLL

    TROLL: The End Timez Mixtapes (Free Downloads)

    The Buzzsaw: FREE DOWNLOAD-->
  14. TrøLL

    Time to Step It up

    Peep the vid in my sig and leave me some feedback... honesty is appreciated. I can take criticizim. :)
  15. TrøLL

    Man tattoos poo on his girlfriends back.
  16. TrøLL

    'Suits' On the USA network

    Plot: Michael 'Mike' Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a lazy but brilliant college dropout with an eidetic memory that has allowed him to pass the bar exam without attending law school. Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), one of Manhattan's best lawyers, takes a gamble and hires Mike as his new associate...
  17. TrøLL

    "This is the Life that we Chose" by my homies Mo Guns and Tazzy Glock MO GUNS & TAZZY GLOCK- " LIFE WE CHOSE" DIRECTED BY: TITO BEAST ENT. CONNECTED INC. BAY MAFIA. SOUTH HAYWARD 2 THA YOC BACK TO SAN JO! 2011. PRODUCTION. BAYFILMWORKS (Can't post it as a video for some reason =/ )