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  1. Likwid

    So what happened between Wax and Hus last night?

    Holy shit that was awesome. Working a 24hr shift and I think I just burned through a few hours. Lost track of time so I can't even remember when I started reading. @cheeto was viscous as fuck! I forget to check the sicc some times but man I really gotta add this back to my daily routine like it...
  2. Likwid

    So Kreayshawn is pregnant?

    Am I that late to this story? Reckless you mad?
  3. Likwid

    Tale of Two Tony's

    I haven't been too active in the last year and I feel like I'm out of the loop. I see Emma is alive, thank god <3. Whatever happened to Tony 206? He catch a chomo charge? And Tony the beat maker kid, he still in hiding from AP9? PakDan ever resurface? Chree have any more kids? Doom still 4'3?
  4. Likwid

    So I moved to Cincinnati from Nor Cal

    Any music I should be checkin for?
  5. Likwid

    If you got one of those jewels on your face....

    and you're a dude, go kill yourself. I have seen a few people with this shit. Why on earth would you put a hole on your face while lookin' fruity?
  6. Likwid


    Just kidding, happy 420.
  7. Likwid

    Ronnie Mund Block Party? Any Stern fans?

    Anyone else going to the Ronnie Mund Block Party in San Francisco late this month? ETM is going to be hosting....
  8. Likwid

    Dat Cracka Myte B Da Police feat. Dj Rah 2k and Jack Tracks

  9. Likwid

    LMFAO: E-40 Making his own MEME

    This just showed up on my facebook timeline. Do it right breh, or don't do it at all!
  10. Likwid


    Is it me or does every fuckin' song sound the same? I'm seeing this shit on commercials now.
  11. Likwid

    GroupMe / Sicc Chat

    A few members and myself have made a GroupMe chat for sick members. If you don't know what groupMe is, google it and download the app immediately. Its like bbm but way better. As far as I know it works across all smartphone Os platforms and even via SMS for regular phone users. To get added to...
  12. Likwid

    BAYTL - Gucci Mane & V-Nasty Question

    Will the taco mob be making a No Gucci/Vnasty version?
  13. Likwid

    I fucking hate 90's babies (my rant about yesterday)

    Did I mention that I hate them with a passion? Anyhow, in the midst of my "hustle" (selling cellphones) a family of five fucking Nerdtrons comes in because the daughter is having trouble with her text messages. Yes it takes a support crew of five people to tell me about a single problem and...
  14. Likwid

    What are you thankful for on Thanksgiving? (Siccness Serious Side)

    Tidds and Tacos breh!
  15. Likwid

    Unbeweavable News Team

    What a dick!
  16. Likwid

    Non BPS

    I gotta give it up to these dudes bangin em one on one without anyone jumping in or pulling knives or guns. They do say nigga a lot though.
  17. Likwid

    I'm tired of this fucking photo on facebook today!

    Do your friends a favor, and stop posting this photoshopped fucking photo of an eagle perched on a grave. It's fucking photoshopped. I have respect for vets, but these crazy war lovers are taking this as a sign from the spaghetti monster in the sky that what's happening now is justified.
  18. Likwid

    BPS: Kid's Birthday Party (WTF!?)

    This is so fucking odd that I can't help but laugh. Kinda fuckery is this? LOL @ the end " Can yall do tha stanky leg for tha happy birthday boy ? " 74VBWWRCB6w
  19. Likwid

    *Music Video* R. One & Young Dee - Can't Do It Like Me

    Check out my folks new music video we just uploaded. First video I've ever edited. Take a look. Song is called "Can't Do It Like Me" By R. One & Young Dee from their album The Takeover. Music Produced and Video shot by by Checo of Noop Music from Watsonville, CA. Also take a look at the website...
  20. Likwid

    New cellphone wireless carrier...$19 unlimited voice / text / data

    Check it out, might help a few of you fuckers out.