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    Jay Rock left Strange Music

    Seems pretty clear that he's still with the label... Instagram brothalynchhung 7 months ago I need yaw help to top this with the next Strange album! Let's make history! I will announce the album title in a few months! #brothalynchhung #billboard #strangemusic Instagram brothalynchhung 7 months...
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    Tech N9ne - So Dope (Feat. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow Tha Product) Video

    Tech N9ne ‏@techn9ne 3h @DJKITTIE @DJWhooKid @shade45 MY NIGGAAAAAA WHASSUP? Tell my lil brother imma have that so dope remix over to him in a bit!
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    Tech N9ne - Something Else

    Guess Tech changed his mind: MateuszGawiński ‏@KiriPoland 11h @techn9ne Game is on "That's my kid" song? Tech N9ne ‏@techn9ne 10:35 PM - 5 Jun 13 @KiriPoland no! Another one!
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    Five Finger Death Punch & Tech covering "Mama Said Knock You Out" (LL Cool J)?!

    Five Finger Death Punch & Tech covering "Mama Said Knock You Out" (LL Cool J)?! interview_ffdp
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    MGK ft. Tech & Twista - Edge of Destruction Holy shit. Bass of Destruction might've been more accurate.
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    "Strange Music Discography" project

    Strange Music HQ I know that I've thrown this link out there at least once before, but it was kind of burried in the middle of a thread. This was my evolution of our old "Discography" thread which was created and maintained by @Hollow. That thread became stagnant due in part to Hollow's lack...
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    "Hell Song", Chino XL ft. Tech N9ne

    DpWtJk6QJhY Pretty dope.
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    Strange Music is Featured on

    It may have already happened. First he posted up that list, saying it still needed to be done. Then the other day, Kaliko indicated he was in the studio with Tech down in Houston doing a song. So... Chamillionaire... Houston... studio... song. Maybe.
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    Krizz Kaliko "Kill Shit" Music Video

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    Black Hippy (Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, etc) Signs w/ Aftermath

    It may be them twisting their facts. The article says that Kendrick Lamar and the "Black Hippy crew" signed. It could be a situation where Lamar signed as a solo artist, and then Black Hippy signed as a group (and thus they're interpretting that as them releasing solo projects through the deal...
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    Trae ft. Mystikal & Tech N9ne - "All That I Know" coming soon

    So Trae went and got Mystikal & Tech on a track together, on a Track Bangas production, and they've done a video for it. Should definitely be interesting. Also, footage of Mystikal doing his verse for the video: Video doesn't look...
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    The Definitive "Welcome to Strangeland" thread

    It's already up for pre-order, so here we go... ------------------------------------------------- Tech N9ne Welcome to Strangeland Strange Music/Fontana (November...
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    Young Bleed - Preserved

    Needless to say, this kind of came out of nowhere. Just a little over a month away from release (10/11/11), and we've heard pretty much next to nothing about this album. It'll be interesting to have Juvenile featured on a Strange Music (or rather "Strange Lane") album. Not at all surprised to...
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    Joell Ortiz ft. Bun B, Novel & Tech N9ne - "Night Train" Visit the page to stream said track. I'm not sure that I would call this a "remix." I haven't heard the version that Joell leaked last year, I guess if it was a "full solo version" then this may...
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    Tech N9ne interview with Hood Illustrated Magazine

    kwgpCWdv2pE Tech starts off by letting it slip that they "just signed Young Bleed." EDIT: I'll save some of you some trouble, "So much for a signing freeze"
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    Another Deftones/Tech N9ne collaboration?
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    Tech N9ne to appear on The Undergods album "In Gods We Trust"

    As we know, Tech N9ne appeared on the Undergods' (Keith Murray and Canibus) EP back in 2009. Looks like the duo is finally releasing the album which the EP was supposed to be a prequel or whatever too. According to this Hip-Hop DX article, Tech N9ne will appear on the full length album, along...
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    Tech N9ne to be featured on Upcoming E-40 album A while back it was said he was recording something for 40, looks like it may actually be released. I remember when 40 said Tech would be on The Ball Street Journal though and nothing ever came of it. Hopefully Tech doesn't get Kaliko'd though (which is...
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    Brotha Lynch Hung - "Coathanga Strangla" available for Pre-Order

    Pre-Order at StrangeMusicInc.Net
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    Brotha Lynch Hung - "Coathanga Strangla" available for Pre-Order

    Pre-Order at StrangeMusicInc.Net