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  1. azryda420

    Free tweeker art....

  2. azryda420

    paypal refund? anybody been through this?

    So here's the story. I bought 2 tattoo machines off ebay last month. When I got it, it was missing two metal tubes, missing certain size needles, and the foot pedal was this plain black one instead of the yin yang design one on my auction. 4 days after I bought the item with "buy it now" I...
  3. azryda420

    Young Droop, CBO Lynch Mr Doctor G-Pack ETC

    Cd's only. No cases. Some have been disc doctored. All play fine except the Brotha Lynch LOADED cd. I wand to sell all of these as one group and will take offers. Thanks.
  4. azryda420

    Vertigo Tracklisting???

    I found my old cd r with the unreleased vertigo cd on it and ripped it and need the song names. ? anyone know?
  5. azryda420

    My Bay Are Rap Collection

    Peep it out folks.
  6. azryda420

    My Bay Area CD Collection on eBay

    They gotta go. Peace
  7. azryda420

    My Souther California Rap Collection On eBay

    Peep it out folks. Thanks.
  8. azryda420

    My Tech N9ne KC Rap on eBay

    A few goodies in there. Peep em out.
  9. azryda420

    Hey Tomato Boy

    Where did all your threads go ? lol Did Spice finally punk you in your ass? hahahahahah
  10. azryda420


    I've heard of getting an email with a virus but ...... OUCH! lol
  11. azryda420

    Tech N9ne Holloween costume.

    Well I'm not black and im way to tall to pull it off. I'm sure some of you would like to be tech for halloween though and this is perfect...
  12. azryda420


    I thought these were pretty wild. We should start with one pic and keep increasing the hieght of it and make a siccness scroll. Ill start a new thread for this unless someone else wants to. We should do it like the siccness add-to that is in...
  13. azryda420

    ain't it some shit when.....

    You start a new job, and you meet a fine ass bitch who is like 18 and you're 27 and then you find out she's pregnant. Fuck that! I gotta watch this fine ass bitch get fat over the next nine months when I should be dickin' her down and beatin up them walls. Why the fuck does it happen...
  14. azryda420

    graveyard shifts

    anyone else work these. I just got outta work at 5am. the sun is comin up and I wanna drink beer and get fucked up and people are crashin out. I sat my ass at work all night an played spades all night chillen. I guess thats one benefit of working slow ass nights. from 9pm till 5 am I feel...
  15. azryda420

    Strange Music has failed.....

    Poor promotion. Repetative touring with the same acts (KMK & Hed PE which are even more repetative than tech n9ne shows). No videos on MTV. No promotion on the streets. (I've yet to get any skatter and snug promo materials in the mail and the album has been out for a while now). IT IS...
  16. azryda420

    Ill Bill aka Beatjacker...

    BombAtomik posted this on myspace. Havent heard the track. Just thought I would help spread the rumor. "I want everyone to know........ I sent my project out to Fat Beats. The former Dj for Non-Phixion who works with Ill Bill is named Dj Eclipse. They passed on picking up the project...
  17. azryda420

    NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I"m HIGH ON LIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEE!!!!!!! I FINALLY GOT A NEW JOB THAT WILL PAY ME SOME FUCKIN BREAD! Jesus. I am sick of the fucking gutter. I prepared for the interviews and studied for em and it paid off. Fuckin nice. I only got rent, car insurance, and cell phone bills. Time to catch up and...
  18. azryda420

    Who makes the best fast food burgers.

    Only big chains count here. I vote C.J.'s six dollar jalepeno burger with guacamole. Remember when the ad said "6 dollar burger, 3.95 at c.j.'s"? hahah I just went there the other day and a six dollar burger is actually 6 bucks now. hahahahaha fuckin assholes. they good as fuck though...
  19. azryda420

    Credit card offers

    hahahahah my dad does this with credit card offers. Credit card companies send you those offers with an envelope to send the application back with right so..... Open that shit tear the application into microscopic pieces and put it in the return envelope with paid postage on it...
  20. azryda420

    When is the come back gonna happen? lol