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  1. Jake

    My life is complete.

    Newest addition to my vinyl collection :)
  2. Jake

    underground hip hop anyone?

    some suggestions. i used to do this with some success back in the day but not sure if there is any interest on here anymore. lets find out this is what i have been listening to lately paranom and purpose- life outside the frame string theory (hex one and BBZ) - string theory umang and BBZ...
  3. Jake

    I just got a ps4. Need friends

    Haven't touched my ps3 in 2 years so friends list is slim. All my real friends are slacking. Hit me up. vJAKEv And I know this didn't need it's own thread but fuck you
  4. Jake

    Hey fellas

    It's that time of the year again. Tired of listening to same albums. I need some new stuff. What did I miss? Shout out to RJ and kori.
  5. Jake

    if you could make a hip hop super group...

    who would be in it? 3 emcees 1 producer
  6. Jake

    top 5 favorite producers right now

    kno statik selektah oddisee blue sky black death stoupe honorable mention: illmind, jake one, khrysis
  7. Jake

    best album of 2012 so far

    O.C. and apollo brown - trophies
  8. Jake

    so what did i miss?

    post some stuff i need to hear. on a non-hiphop music kick lately and realized most of my stuff is terribly outdated. any new From Autumn to Ashes? between the buried and me? fall of troy? every time i die? beirut? shit just anything, i dont care. too lazy to fish through that big ass thread
  9. Jake

    Between the buried and me - white walls

    Best song ever I MIGHT see an opinion for it not being the best but I will damned if somebody tells me it's not the most epic p.s. Fuck rhoderick
  10. Jake

    top 5 albums i missed out on in the last 6 months

    what are some good albums to be released lately? i have been back in my backpack hiphop mode lately just because its easier to hear of new albums without having to check the internet. i think the only rock album i have listened to in the last few months is AFI give a quick top 5 of albums i...
  11. Jake

    gamestop/ebworld/pre-order question

    has anybody ever pre-oredered/bought a game online through and picked it up in store at a local gamestop? i have been reading message boards and getting mixed experiences. some people do it all the time and love it or people who have had gamestop screw them over and not get there...
  12. Jake

    thank you wii motion plus and EA

    you gave me a reason to take my wii out of the closet and play it again. the new tiger woods and grand slam tennis are the shit. fun as fuck. the learning curve/challenge in having to learn how to swing is addicting. hopefully this is a sign of good things to come
  13. Jake

    recommend me a book

    been on a reading binge lately. all the best books i have read lately have been ones i have been told about by other people. starting to realize there is a lot of "classic" books that i have yet to read, so even obvious ones i might not of thought of would help i want to read some more of...
  14. Jake

    arcade stick mod parts

    i use but they are constantly shutting down their store in order to keep with orders i was looking to get a new stick. something that is 4 and 8 way adjustable. i like the thought of being able to do both there is always little things i want to get so it would be nice to have...
  15. Jake

    the hangover

    Was fuckin hilarious. Funniest movie i have seen in a while
  16. Jake

    Anybody that has an iphone....

    And like rpgs. You must get zenonia. Its like an old school action rpg like zelda but with a more advanced leveling/item/class system. Im really impressed. Finally getting some handheld quality games
  17. Jake

    this has been stuck in my head all day

    so it is my duty to spread the disease. knowing others are suffering will ease my pain xp9Gm-aRe5A
  18. Jake

    good shit

  19. Jake

    which next-gen console(s) do you own?

    time to see who the real fanboys are. so i know who to ignore when i see things like like "ps3 sucks" in every single fuckin thread
  20. Jake

    good shit

    1. Supreme Beings 2. Perseverance 3. Street Astrologist 4. Bring to You 5. Wonder Years (feat. Blu / Exile) 6. Disturbed (feat. Sean Price) 7. Days Chasing Days (feat. Aloe Blacc / Beleaf) 8. Saturday Night Special 9. The Word to Say (feat. Johaz / Sha Dula) 10. Official With It 11...