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    Kobe's response to Shaq's rap?

    I don't know if Kobe is actually behind this or if this is simply the doing of some bitter Lakers fans. Either way this is laughs for days.
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    Best way to sell autographs?

    Anyone here have any experience with selling autos? I don't have anything special, just a few from when I was younger, but now I'm tryna get rid of them ASAP. What's the best way? I heard I can just hit up my local memorabilia shop and get 'em authenticated there but I'd get less than if I went...
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    Chill spots to record at in SD?

    So I need to record a freestyle for the homie's upcoming mixtape. Where's a chill spot out here? I don't care what the rate is, shouldn't take any more than an hour anyway. Good looks to anyone who helps.
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    Toreros you bitches!

    The Dance ain't ready for the Town :devious:
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    2007 NFL Predictions.

    We've done this the past two years so let's get it poppin' once again. AFC West: Chargers, Broncos*, Chiefs, Raiders North: Ravens, Bengals*, Steelers, Browns South: Colts, Titans/Jaguars, Texans East: Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills NFC West: Seahawks, 49ers*, Rams, Cardinals North: Bears...
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    Let's re-evaluate the NL East v. West

    Things have definitely changed since our last debate in the World Series thread. West Dodgers 42-31 Padres 41-31 D-Backs 42-32 Rockies 38-35 [just swept the semi-hot Yankees] Giants 30-42 East Mets 39-32 Phillies 38-35 Braves 38-36 Marlins 36-38 Nationals 31-42 The 4th place West squad [COL]...
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    Time for a REAL discussion.

    Let me start by saying that I in no way intend on offending any of you, but there is a large population of Hispanics on this board and since Southern Cal is an area greatly affected by this issue I thought I could bring this up here. Anyways...did anyone catch video of Miss USA being heavily...
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    I dare you to show me...

    ...a doper in-game play than this. Let's go Warriors :devious:
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    Quick question...

    What's that new 40 joint called? The one where the hook goes "dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb...DUMB!"
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    Kind of a random question...

    ...but do any of y'all know of some sort of company or service where you can bring your autographed shit and have it certified/authorized and then auctioned off?
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    Recommend some tat spots in Dago.

    I ain't tryna get nothin' fancy, just a lil' "619" on my neck. So recommend ya boy some coo' spots that handle they biz but don't charge you a grip.
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    Hey A's fans...

    ...what can y'all tell me about Black being your next manager? Are y'all hella interested or what?
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    So who looked worse against SD?

    Oakland's offense or Frisco's defense? Either way the Bay has officially been shut the fuck down by Dago.
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    Auction for 47 cd's + new 2pac DVD!

    Peep it...
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    week 7 AP Top 10

    1. Ohio State 2. Florida 3. USC 4. Michigan 5. West Virginia 6. Texas 7. Louisville 8. Tennessee 9. Notre Dame 10. Cal All I can say is that the AP really don't wanna see SC in the title game at all.
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    Thanks for the memories, Tim.

    Even with the loss, not one reg starting, and Salmon going hitless it was still a great game. Even the few A's fans in attendance gave gim a standing ovation. Good luck to y'all in the playoffs.
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    Week 2 AP Poll Rankings

    1. Ohio State 2. Texas 3. USC 4. Notre Dame 4. Auburn 6. West Virginia 7. Florida 8. LSU 9. Florida State 10. Michigan Can anyone say "bullshit" ? Only reason they made Texas #2 is so there can be a 1/2 matchup in the regular season for the first time since '96. And Michigan? Fuck outta here.
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    *ahem* I'd just like to say...

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    F'real though...'s fuck the Rangers all day now. Did y'all see that shit? Ever since Juan Rivera supposedly showed up one of their pitchers after he hit a 3-run HR, they've been playin' target practice with our hitters. Yesterday they threw at Vlad's hands TWICE. If he had broken his wrist or something...