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  1. K

    Hyphy Might Be Put In Websters

    Don't expect Hip-Hop to stop influencing the dictionary. According to him, hyphy might be next.
  2. K


    can sumone make a pic of california state all white wit black outlinning? i need it for a shirt. it should be quick and easy to do. i would do it myself but i am shit when it comes to graphics and all that jazz
  3. K

    so a couple of months ago

    all i saw was "the bay needs to get its shine" and "niggas is sleepin on us fo'real" now i see "fuck hyphy, that shouldn't have blown us up" and bullshit like that y'all wanted to have eyes on us and now that we do, y'all wanna bitch about erry last thing stfu
  4. K

    and y'all thought remy ma ain't have a reason to be concieted wow, ugly at its worst american eagle and timbs?
  5. K

    D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club

    Proof, a member of the Eminem-fronted Detroit-based hip-hop sextet D12, was killed early Tuesday morning outside a Detroit nightclub in a shooting that left another man in critical condition. According to NBC News affiliate WDIV, Proof (whose real name is DeShaun Holton) suffered a gunshot...
  6. K

    so they now have a Hyphy catagory on myspace music

    lmao, i was laughin when i saw that
  7. K


    nigga just made his debut at the 10 spot yee yee!!!
  8. K

    [email protected] folks that said "i didn't hear lil jon yellin on e-40's cd"

    look wut we almost had to hear listen to monster up, its a track that ain't make e-40's cd
  9. K

    "ULTIMATE STUNNAS"!.gif hahahahahaha
  10. K

    E-40 on 10 Spot Drop On MTV

    "10 spot drop, which introduces viewers to new music during the network’s primetime programming, will feature tracks from E-40’s next album and the video for the breakthrough hit “Tell Me When To Go” airing March 16 on MTV".
  11. K

    Finna Make A Full Bay Rep Mix

    wit shit like welcome to tha bay on it, ap.9's bay area, shit like that. gimmie sum more names i should throw on it i'll upload it into sicctunes when i put the full thing together
  12. K

    Wuts ur fav. hyphy slap of all time?

  13. K

    The Ess-Eye-Deeeeee

    lol, yessur, i thought it'll be time for me to drop one of my slaps peep the ess-eye-dee, shit goes hella stupid. i was on one and decided to write/record and this is what came out quality is eh but shit still slaps, tell me what y'all think and, like always...
  14. K

    Wut CD is "Gas, Break, Dip" On

    that shit hella old and i still ain't figure out who's cd its on...i kno it ain't on federations. is it on e-40's?
  15. K

    anyone kno where i can get hella hyphy instrumentals

    for a mixtape? i ain't talkin bout original, im talkin bout sum mixtape shit. sum keak, e40, federation, feel me? iunno if this is where i post this, if it ain't just tell me
  16. K

    where'd y'all get that "the bay" fitted at?

    i been searchin for that shit. or if theres any other yay fitteds y'all can link me to, that'll be cool too