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  1. Coach E. No

    12 year old girl kills stepmom because of online clown

    Indiana girl, 12, killed stepmom to please 'Laughing Jack' - NY Daily News A 12-year-old Indiana girl who fatally stabbed her stepmother said an online horror story clown named “Laughing Jack” told her to do it, according to reports. The Elkhart girl set her family’s apartment on fire and...
  2. Coach E. No

    Side Hustles

    Seems like everyone I know my age has a side hustle of some kind and I know a grip of y'all do as well, what are you in to? Since last year I've been buying and selling some video game stuff for extra cash. Nintendo and Super Nintendo game values have gone way up but every so often, people...
  3. Coach E. No

    Best NFL Team ever?

    That Marshawn Lynch thread made me think about this after 2-0-Sixx posted that some site thinks that the 2013 Seahawks would beat the 85 Bears. Which team in your opinion is the best team overall, of all time? I realize that most of us are going to be biased, but I think the 94-95 49ers team...
  4. Coach E. No

    Which game are you the best at?

    Which games do you feel like you're the best at? Like, you feel that no one can beat you head to head, or games that you like playing by yourself because you've mastered them? I'd put money on playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcade against most people. Fight Night Champion - I can beat most...
  5. Coach E. No

    How much have you studied the Bible?

    Not making this thread for a debate on the Bible, but I'm curious how much or how in depth a lot of y'all have studied it since a lot of people seem to know a little more than the average Joe on here.
  6. Coach E. No

    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, will it happen?

    At this point in time, do you think the fight will ever happen? I've been convinced for years that the fight would never happen, but this fight seems like it's as close as ever. This is an ongoing topic on this site so it makes sense to have the talk about this in one thread.
  7. Coach E. No

    These dickheads lived a block away from me

    Yukon DHS worker, wife face multiple child neglect charges | News OK A man tasked with protecting the interests of Oklahoma’s children is accused by authorities of failing to provide proper care for his own children. State Department of Human Services employee Lemerle Robinson, 41, and his...
  8. Coach E. No

    Best/worst Re-makes and re-boots

    Seems like every other movie is a re-make lately but then again, some of my favorites were technically re-makes too. Just saw that they are re-making Point Break. A lot of people hate that movie as it is and they're going to make it again. I personally like that movie a lot but it's hard to...
  9. Coach E. No

    Free MCBoot/Emulators on PS2

    Anyone messin with this? I just found out about this a couple weeks ago but I was able to get the NES/SNES/Gen emulators to work on PS2. You are able to put all of the emulators/games on a thumb drive and play them that way. It's pretty clean.
  10. Coach E. No

    Woman gets beheaded at work in Oklahoma

    Where's a Mixxer review when you really need one? MOORE, Okla. - Police say a woman who was killed by a co-worker at a food distribution center in suburban Oklahoma City was beheaded and that witnesses have said the suspect had been trying to convince co-workers to convert to Islam. Moore...
  11. Coach E. No

    Martial arts

    I know some of y'all practice martial arts on here. What style have you guys trained in? My oldest son is old enough where I think I'm going to put him in some classes this year. It's not my first choice but I think he's going to probably end up taking Goju Ryu in a few weeks.
  12. Coach E. No

    Tecmo Super Bowl 15

    Not sure if any of you would be interested in this, but I thought it was cool. Apparently, dudes have been recycling NES cartridges and re-programmed Tecmo Super Bowl to include the updated rosters and a few minor edits like quarter length. They've been releasing these the last few years on...
  13. Coach E. No


    This saw last night. Movie with Scarlett Johansen where she ends up being a drug mule and the bag of drugs leaks and she ends up being able to use 100% of her brain. It was going decent for most of the of the movie, then the last 20 minutes ended up ruining the whole movie. I thought the movie...
  14. Coach E. No

    2 questions

    For any of you guys that have kids, you probably know that when the wife starts getting farther along in the pregnancy, it's hard to get it crackin in the bedroom. Before she got pregnant, I was gettin it in like 5-6 days a week. Now I'm lucky to get it once per week even though she just broke...
  15. Coach E. No

    UFC by EA Sports

    Only spent some time playing the demo, but I read a grip of reviews and they are complaining about the same stuff that I am. It's a damn arcade game. I played twice here a little bit ago and got suplexed like it was WWF 1988, and didn't get knocked out. Then, Jon Jones busts out a cartwheel kick...
  16. Coach E. No

    PS Vita

    I've made some deals in the last few weeks for video game stuff and came up on a PS Vita in a trade for a PS2. I know it's capable of a lot more than I'm using it for, but does anyone use it for remote play or have any good game recommendations?
  17. Coach E. No


    Any of y'all see this yet? Not really what I was expecting but I thought it was solid. I like movies that aren't the same crap over and over and it was a pretty good flick and Joaquin Phoenix did a great job. Scarlett Johansson sounds sexy as the chicks voice in the movie too. I'd recommend it...
  18. Coach E. No

    Home Run record

    In your opinion, what is the real home run record, is it 61 or 73 and why?
  19. Coach E. No

    80's music

    I was born in 1982, but I work with a dude a few years older than me and we talk about music a lot. I realized that even bad 80's music is better than most of the good music out nowadays. Which also reminds me, 90's baby's are some faggots. Any of the breh's still listen to 80's music other...
  20. Coach E. No

    Sandwich and chips

    I started a new job and it's close enough to my house that I can come home for lunch. I didn't realize how often I eat sandwiches and chips til then though. What's y'alls favorite sandwiches and chips or even chain sandwich restaurant? I usually buy peppered turkey and provolone or pepper jack...