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  1. E'fect

    Goal Line Blitz

    Seeing that it is Football season I thought I bring this up again... I have been playing since may, 3 seasons in now, I own a team, GM for a team and have like 20 player that I am the agent for. Goal Line Blitz is a online football game that is the fucking shit...
  2. E'fect

    FootBall RPG Game

    This is a bad ass and addictive game!!! You can make any player & position you want... you're the agent and you get them signed... they play and you build up stat and attributes it's pretty tight!! You can own team, build stadiums and shit like that too...
  3. E'fect

    FootBall Game

    This is bad ass and addictive!!! You can make any player & position you want your the agent and get them sign they play and you build up stat and attributes!!! It's awesome!! You can own team and shit like that too... I got DT Boss Hogg LB...
  4. E'fect

    FreakNight was fuckin Crazy!!!

    That shit was crazy... I am still HELLA thizzed out... There was HELLA super bad bitch's there too... not my secen but that shit was still off the hook... I ran in to JT we were geeking on thizz huntin bitch's....
  5. E'fect

    "Fuck You Hoe Pt.3" peep it and holla

    whats good my NW fam... check out the new track on my Myspace (in the sig) called "Fuck You Hoe Pt.3" and let me know what yall think... peep the other tracks too while there... Holla At Ya Boy
  6. E'fect

    Fuck it!!!!! ~RECCLESS~ is not REAL!!! LOL ... sorry

    eh sence I am SSSOOOO fucking drunk and pissed that seattle lossed I 'll lett YALL in a lil joke I got over siccness... "RECCLESS" is a real man but not a real person on the Siccness I falesified him on here.... I met this dude about a year ago ONLY cause he was my homies roomate... HE IS...
  7. E'fect


    UNTIL SUPERBOWL XL The SeaHawks are gunna show the world who the fuck Seattle is when we crush Pitt!!!
  8. E'fect


    Wash 10 Sea 20 next NFC champs!!!!!
  9. E'fect

    The IceBoxXx - "The Come Up"

    Peep out our kut "The Come Up" and let your boy what ya'll think... The IceBoxXx - "The Come Up" lo-fi hi-fi DJ KiefBoXXX, E'fect, Pusha P, & Wet $ Holla
  10. E'fect

    Has anyone heard of this kat?

    dudes name is Sunday I swooped his cd "Sunday Times" and the shit is solid. peep this track I think its called "Stoopid" I figure xpanther will appreciate this...
  11. E'fect

    M-Audiophile 192 PCI question?!?!?

    I got a M-Audiophile 192 PCI soundcard and just installed it on my computer and I am not gettin ANY SOUND! I can use cubase to put my voice threw my computer and hear it on my stereo but it doesnt register on my computer i.e. I cant record or hear any beats... so does anyone have any clue as to...
  12. E'fect

    Vegas top tatts?

    What up, I am bout to be down in Vegas next week... I was thinking of gettin Seattle tattoed on my forearm when I am down there... so what are some quality shops I can check out... Holla
  13. E'fect

    Hotmail/Siccness question???

    For the past few days my e-mail account keeps gettin these post-master delivery sataus faluire type shit... but the thing is I am not sending anything e-mails... and the list of people "it" keeps tryin to send it to is siccness/raptalk people... so my question is any of you gettin the same thing...
  14. E'fect

    Quality shit for a budget price...

    What kind of Mic, Mixer... basically hardware is quality but not expensive? Name, Brand, and ballpark prices would help... all my shit is not that good so I'm lookin to upgrade... and any help would be appreciated...
  15. E'fect

    Who likez good muzic???

    if you do then do your self a favor & listen to "Crytical Conditon" by Crytical yall gunna be blow away by thiz cd...
  16. E'fect

    knoccin a mutha fucka out!

    eh It'z ya boy mutha fuckin E'fect drunk az a mutha fucaka just getijtin back frm tha bar... just knoced out 2mutha fuckaz who starrted shit wit my homie... "crozz me and you'll likey bleed" - Lac of Respect... daawg shit gottz U feliin like a G when you put MARKZ on there back!!! yall feel me...
  17. E'fect

    Kottonmouth Kings

    haven't listen to'em in a minute... but hella ya they filthy... I chopped it up wit all of'em the 1st time they came to the 206... that teca nena kut should be blazin...
  18. E'fect

    you heard of "Dear John Letters" well here my dear BITCH letter!!!

    I figure it easier this way. I don’t want to be rude or an asshole but the are times when you have to be, such as this time. Well Lacey Mari Hawkins I truly hope you are successful in you white trash world flipping burgers at Burger King and having abortion the rest of you worthless life, like...
  19. E'fect

    fuck a DUI

    Well, ya boy waz FUCKIN too drunk to be driven and the inevitable happened.... I waz goin about 90-100mph on Arorua and lost control by green lake and fuckin spun out and wraped my car around a telephone pole... needless to say I totaled my car, got arrested and fucked up my back... the copz...
  20. E'fect

    Mixer question?

    After I plug my mic cord in to the compressor and then plug that in to the mixer (using a mic cord)... NOW what cords/adaptors do I need to buy so I can plug the mixer into my computer to record my vocals on acid pro and/or cool edit? ^^^ do I even have that in the right order compressor to...