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  1. I. Cold

    Little Fockers

    Sucked. Badly.
  2. I. Cold

    Movies you will never ever watch

    I have a list of movies that I know no matter what, I'll never watch in my entire life. I'm anti-these movies. Star Wars (I know Ima catch a lot of flack for this) Titanic Twilight (sequels included) Avatar Monty Python or whatever the fuck its called Mr. Bean Pink Panther Any American Pie...
  3. I. Cold

    The Collector

    I was never really too motivated to see this movie. Seemed very cliche. But I was bored as fuck today so I ordered it on on demand. It was actually a decent movie. Nothing to write home about, but a solid horror movie. I thought the ending was a little over the top. Homeboy shoulda just killed...
  4. I. Cold


    Magic vs Celts - Magic in 6 Suns vs Fakers - Suns in 7
  5. I. Cold


    REALLY excited about this movie. I guess the whole thing is shot inside a coffin. Heres a synopsis. A U.S. contractor working in Iraq awakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap...
  6. I. Cold


    Cavs vs Celtics - Cavs in 6 Magic vs Hawks - Magic in 5 Suns vs Spurs - Suns in 7 Lakers vs Jazz - Lakers in 6
  7. I. Cold


    WEST Lakers vs Thunder - Lakers in 6 Mavs vs Spurs - Spurs in 7 Suns vs Blazers - Suns in 6 Jazz vs Nuggets - Jazz in 7 EAST Cavs vs Bulls - Cavs in 4 Magic vs Bobcats - Magic in 5 Hawks vs Bucks - Hawks in 5 Celts vs Heat - Celts in 7
  8. I. Cold

    Whats your favorite Chappelle Show skit?

    Im gonna have to go with the playa haters ball. The and 1 mixtape coming in a close second. its gay that I cant post a youtube clip cuz they wont let people upload shit from chappelle show.
  9. I. Cold

    Its official: Steve Nash is the greatest shooter of all time

    Numbers dont lie. This an ESPN insider too so yall can thank me on your own accord for providing you with this information. You'll often hear casual basketball fans lament the lack of shooting in today's game, especially from the free throw line. But actually, we have the opposite problem: The...
  10. I. Cold

    Video: Amare dunks on Dante Cunningham

    Happened a couple weeks ago but I havent had access to the internet. Ive always believed, its not a poster unless the dunkers nuts reach the dunkees face or shoulders. AkLj6WTdlZg
  11. I. Cold

    Krayzie Bone and Flesh N Bone are making a duo album

    Flesh said in an interview. They titling it Krayzie by the Flesh (a song title from flesh's first album). Cant wait..
  12. I. Cold

    Anyone know anything about filing taxes???

    I want to know if its possible to e-file a first time home buyers credit through turbo tax or efile or something like this. Or is this something that needs to be mailed or brought to h and r block?
  13. I. Cold

    How I hook up my reciever to my PS3

    I got the HDMI cable going straight from the ps3 to the tv. Anyone know how I can get sound through my speakers with my ps3?
  14. I. Cold

    Why is the pro bowl so unpopular?

    Compared to the NBA allstars and MLB?
  15. I. Cold

    The next big thing: motion seats in theaters?

    (for the record, I think this is a gay idea) 3D has been done to death and it’s no longer a novelty. By the time James Cameron is done with it, we’ll probably all be sick of it. So Hollywood is in need of a new gimmick and here it is: simulated motion! Ten select theaters across America will...
  16. I. Cold

    that beanie sigel ad

    damn that beanie sigel ad in the background of the forums been up for a MINUTE! shit, whats it been like 4 months?
  17. I. Cold

    Dr Katz

    Anyone use to watch this show? Its always been one of my favorite cartoons. I just copped the entire series for 50 bucks. Dave Chapelle c8wN_cA-fQg Louis CK o4B2650f43g Dom Irrera Mny8FPpscR4
  18. I. Cold

    The Crazies (HD trailer)

    This movies gonna be fucking SICK! lEMZwQulT1Q
  19. I. Cold

    Most painful bone to break

    what yall think it would be? Im gonna have to say collar bone. fuck that. Ive broken my pinkie toe before (in 2 different spots) and it hurt like a muthafucka. Stubbed (for lack of a better term) it on my computer desk on my way to the bathroom at 3am. but ya... collar bone. gotta be painful.
  20. I. Cold

    Finally saw Gladiator

    It was on TNT so Im sure a lot of the cool shit got cut, but it was still real dope. Commodus was a straight up bitch though. Glad he got shanked in the throat. Fuckin cock. Gotta give it up to Joaquin though. He really made me loathe the character and anticipate his death the entire movie.