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    Rest in peace quise the criminal

    Anchorage Police: One dead in Memorial Day shooting | Alaska Dispatch News Anchorage police have identified a man killed in a shooting late Memorial Day as 27-year-old Marquise Pope. Pope’s family has been contacted about the death, police said. Police said no charges have yet been...
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    Cheap TV time for siccness artists

    i'm hosting a show on KOFY TV 20 here in the bay on saturday afternoons. If you want to come on and promote your music and be interviewed on a station that shows all over the bay and play your videos. let me know. not cable access limited to one city. Station reaches every part of the bay, San...
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    Internet police working over time

    y'all better start watching what you say on boards link to full story Man charged with threatening Mehserle Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer Wednesday, June 10, 2009 PrintE-mail Digg Technorati...
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    they on fargas neck about yukmouth

    in the
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    hardest gangster in bay history

    hell maybe even the world. fuck what you heard it don't get no more gangsta than this Killer taunts Pinole victims' families as he's sentenced to life By Malaika Fraley Contra Costa Times Posted: 01/23/2009 12:50:14 PM PST Updated...
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    what y'all think about this new bay model?

    baby trying to get out there her myspace is
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    me fab and short starring in new motion picture (i don't know how to embed and yeah i know it's 2008) actually there is a brief cameo from short and fab also. and if you don't blink you can catch me as well. name of the movie is townbiz and this s the first motion picture in a minute to really be about just oakland. this...
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    when new dudes really don't know hip-hop

    check out this dude who sent me a friend request on myspace that's right this clown is calling himself c-bo. i know c-bo aint a platinum artist but it is hard to believe that i dude would really be out here campaigning with the name with no one in his...
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    next generation of hyphy

    this is the trendsettaz out the rich and the trunk boys from the town teaming up. video is actually cool alot of energy in it <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="=name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=...
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    bay native new president of def jam

    other sites are reporting that shakir stewart originally from oakland is the new president of def jam
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    some bay fans do like 50

    Oakland murderer inspired by rap album sentenced to life in prison BAY CITY NEWS SERVICE Article Created: 05/28/2008 01:49:53 PM PDT A former Oakland man who was inspired by the rap album "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" was sentenced today to life in prison without parole for murdering a...
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    all artists who have shot video's

    vjtv is looking for submissions. if your song slap and you got a video for it then vjtv needs to have it
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    stop snitching gone too far

    Woman's face branded with 'snitch;' police arrest 4 Tana Anderson The Arizona Republic Jun. 21, 2007 07:35 PM Police arrested four people Thursday, a week after a woman reported she was kidnapped, her head shaved and her face branded with the word "snitch." Police said the woman, 38, was...
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    for you "40 flopped" folks

    bubba sparxx with twice as much video play, maybe even five times as much, and more radio play. hell that ms. new booty got just as much or more play on bay radio as tell me when to go. more national coverage. barely sold half of what 40 did in the first week. 40's numbers are cool and steady...
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    FEDS seizing gold teeth

    got this from Feds try to seize suspects' fancy teeth Costly 'grillz' have been popularized by rappers Friday, April 7, 2006; Posted: 12:12 p.m. EDT (16:12 GMT) var clickExpire = "05/7/2006"; "Grillz" such as this one sported by Juicy J have been popularized by...
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    What happened to the r&b group?

    true. and it's hard to find 4 dudes with the same look. 5'1 to 5'4 110 to 130 lbs. omarion and them dudes fit that bill. you gotta be short to not imtimidate the teeny boppers
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    Question for those who have released a cd

    are you in the bay? if so check out my myspace. that music was recorded mixed and mastered in the same spot and the rates are reasonable
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    article on the next bay superpower

    -- Posted by Henz on Thursday, January 19 2006 The highly anticipated album from the talented trio of CertifiedRyders, J Official, and Mr. Midas. All three artist have droppedextremely successful underground solo projects that have sold upwardsof 14,000 copies each between retail and street...
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    mistah fab party was poppin'

    that shit was off the chain, straight hood bay shit. if y'all was there you know what i mean. if you wasn't there then make the next major bay event. support the movement. choppa from the band came through and showed some love and support, and just about every label was reppin.
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    dude been putting it down for a long time