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  1. SLOW rhythm

    Free Covers (Front & Back Inserts)

    Ill ship these out free to the first person, no discs.. just front & back inserts (All In perfect condition) Over the years, the discs were stolen or simply disappeared. Figure I'd ask before trashing them all Celly Cel - The G Filez Young Fierce - Sinful Living With Righteous Intent Baby...
  2. SLOW rhythm

    Evolocity - Evolocity

    Anyone else into these guys, they just released the single 'Dark. Can't say I knew much about them.. definitely enjoy the music Check them out
  3. SLOW rhythm

    The Mob Law

    Whats the word on these guys, they preform much around the area. I'm sure a number of you have seen flyers.. check em out
  4. SLOW rhythm

    NOD32 Antivirus

    I've had this software for a good year now & can say there has never been any problems. Updates every time you get online.. infections have never been found.. anyone use this? I been reading on it & its mixed reviews, pulled this & got me thinkin' maybe it isn't worth having on the comp
  5. SLOW rhythm

    Rishloo - Terras Fames

    Rishloo - Terras Fames - 2004 Drawing on personal experience and deriving inspiration from relevant human challenges and the music of great artists from David Bowie to Dredg, Seattle based Rishloo combine their influences with an emotionally climactic, modern rock sound that still retains...
  6. SLOW rhythm

    LAP - Life Among People

    Life Among People not LAP Have you all heard anything from this group.. out of Manchester, United Kingdom.. can't say i like anything but one song off their album.. check em out. I can get you the album if you are into this.. here is...
  7. SLOW rhythm

    los mejores

    I kno there are a few people that have seen this program.. I jus caught tha end of an hour long show. What I'm curious about is tha bands they play, more specific, PROGRAMA 18, Felipe Souza.. Anyone have some info, or who this band was?
  8. SLOW rhythm

    Bill $tack

    Dood dropped a real nice album & then disappeared.. Anyone got word of new projects that might have been out without notice
  9. SLOW rhythm

    Aerosmith song?

    Im not really into there music, but there was a song I heard & thought I might like tha whole track. So any of you aerosmith fans know of a song which has' Home sweet home' on repeat throughout the hook???
  10. SLOW rhythm

    Reigncraft Vol. 5 - Process of Progress

    Havn't seen anythang mentioned about tha album. Anyone copp it yet, & whats tha tracklisting look like..
  11. SLOW rhythm

    MDash - Smokey Robinson

    Anyone not knowin, This Has Dropped. Copp it Now. I got money right here goin out tomorro for my copy. Don't sleep on another hot platinum bound release. Share your thoughts if you picked it up already 1
  12. SLOW rhythm

    Recent Releases: JET,Killa Keise,Verstyle

    These are all In stock over @ Rapbay. I'm thinkin about coppin all three, just curious if anyones checked them out yet. are they worth coppin? JET Black - Hard Earned Killa Keise - Turfed Out Verstyle aka Pretty Black - Definitely Eatin Vol. 1
  13. SLOW rhythm

    Tru ID - Stranded

    Damn I'm tryin to check this album, I'm feelin them cutz on myspace.. but anyone order from paypal and have any problems with dood. reason i bring it up is i waited to long on ordering a different album to get a refund from paypal. and i have yet to recieve this album, or a response from tha...
  14. SLOW rhythm

    Letting these albums go..

    M-Dash - Po Broke N Hungry (sealed) Mary Jane Junkeez - Operation Gain Green Siccness.Net BBQ Comp Riderlife - Neva Look Back The Rompalation - Best Of (sealed) West Coast Mobbin Comp Dobad - Rapid Fire Dobad & Kos - Pick your Posion All Albums are in great condition & include inserts $5...
  15. SLOW rhythm


    @NEMO - will tha siccshop be restocking this product.. anyone already copped this. Is it worth pickin up?
  16. SLOW rhythm

    @Vince V.

    curious if its you all over these Demolution Men mixtapes..
  17. SLOW rhythm

    Not 2sane productions..

    notice you got some production on that DZ album,checked it at 2siccaudio..ain't feelin dood,but tryin to see which tracks you got production for Dsane..deadly game maybe?
  18. SLOW rhythm

    tha UTR Classic. ALL I NEED - Mo-x & Pain

    For anyone who hasnt heard it, or got in on it is All I Need
  19. SLOW rhythm

    Done Deal - Runs in the Family

    ive been meanin to get this album. who has a copy there lettin go. preferably new
  20. SLOW rhythm

    M-Dash - Music is Life

    (entirely produced by Remy comin soon) saw this in 5150s this your second solo? whats tha word folks