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  1. KanTownTurtle

    Eric Marriot (KanTownTurtle)

    My name is Zack, Im am Erics cousin. I am sorry to inform everyone if you have not heard or seen on the local news here in the Kansas City area Eric was involved in a car wreak late Saturday night on I-70 in Kansas City. He was hit on the drivers side by a drunk driver who could not control his...
  2. KanTownTurtle

    I Have One thing to say....

    ........FUCK SNOW. I hate this shit....that is all, go back to your everyday lives.
  3. KanTownTurtle

    Tom Gist - Got Gist?

    1. Intro 2. I got love 3. No matter- produced by choir boy 4. Put it down feat a clay 5. Newark, new york feat chuck da middleman 6. The bronx song- produced by team demolition 7. We getting high feat feat un kasa and s.a.s 8. City boy feat bezel 9. Harlem boyz feat mr meridith 10. The cleaners...
  4. KanTownTurtle


    Dutch is tight and probably the hardest from the Lou right now but Rukka is alright too.
  5. KanTownTurtle

    Real Talk

    When Tech was asked in that interview what he felt about the state of this forum...well he pretty much said what alot of the "vets" have been saying. Its a bunch of idiots on here and yes I do agree with Tech and the "vets". This board was so bad that Travis was going to shut this shit down but...
  6. KanTownTurtle


    ^^What he said
  7. KanTownTurtle

    Tech & Kutt Interviews?

    What ever happen to those interviews that Pacers did? Hell its probably already done he just wont put it up cause of most of the people around here...which is understandable. Just wondering...
  8. KanTownTurtle

    Katt Williams - All Hail To The King

    1. Intro 2. Came Outta Nowhere (Produced by C-No) 3. Not A Rapper (Produced by C-No) 4. Shout Outs 5. The N Word w/ Lil Wayne 6. The Last Laugh (Produced by C-No) 7. Wipe Me Down 8. Mind Right feat. Snoop Dogg (Produced by Benny Blanku) 9. Aka's 10. A Thousand Bars and Runnin' 11. Uterous...
  9. KanTownTurtle

    Tech On New Welcome To The Midwest Mixtape Just listen to it. Not a bad mixtape. Tech is on track 15 on that Stronger mix. He also got Welcome To The Midwest and That Box on there.
  10. KanTownTurtle

    What makes KC tight?

    ^^All im sayin is I dont get in those e-beefs that seem to be popular around these parts. Oh and by the way 5 of those top 10 teams are NFC.
  11. KanTownTurtle

    Dog Faced Gods

    Sorry to inform you all but this is what we have to look forward too...... Its about as bad as Blaze.
  12. KanTownTurtle

    The Official Rap Like....Thread

    There will be a rappers name givin and the object is to drop a verse like how the rapper would. I will post later but in the mean time lets start with: The Game (by the way this thread was based off fuckdemsquares thread so big ups homie)
  13. KanTownTurtle

    What makes KC tight?

    Not thats it a big deal, Im not one to argue over the internet but I've been to both a Vikings game and many Chiefs games. The Vikings fans are very loud but I dont think they compare to the Chiefs fans. Also the Vikings have a dome to help them out, but the few other teams that are up there...
  14. KanTownTurtle

    What makes KC tight?

    Oh and by the way Chiefs fans are THE loudest fans in football.
  15. KanTownTurtle

    What makes KC tight?

    If your lookin for some history or what not make a trip down to 18th and Vine and a few other places around there. Oh and for BBQ hit up Gates or A. Bryants.
  16. KanTownTurtle

    Tech, West and Fiddy

    Nothing big just think its funny how Tech says he loves fiddy and Kanye's shit on "This Is Me" and now them 2 are battling it out for the rap "title" on 9/11
  17. KanTownTurtle

    Text Tournament

    We got a text tournament going on in the flows section. We are looking for 16 and right now we got about 11 people so if your interested go sign up.
  18. KanTownTurtle


    When you guys gonna throw down another one? You doing it again Brown Boy?
  19. KanTownTurtle

    Its Tonight!

    KC show, I'll be in the house. Hope to see some of you there.
  20. KanTownTurtle

    Anyone Here Stay In Joplin Missouri...?

    Close as I come is KC, although I do got a lake house in Blue Eye, witch is about 10 miles from Branson.