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  1. WattsUp

    why they be blocin out "dr dre did it" on "get stupid" - mac dre

    why they be blocin that part out on tha radio? when mac dre say "oh u didnt know dr dre did it" they bloc out dr dre's name? shits gay
  2. WattsUp

    Myspace tracker

    hey how do i see who been on myspace page?, duz still work? i heard it dont??? anybody got some shit that still work?, i know this wuz posted a while ago but i can't find that thread even in tha search.........:dead:
  3. WattsUp

    Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn

    BALTIMORE — Black men in the United States face a far more dire situation than is portrayed by common employment and education statistics, a flurry of new scholarly studies warn, and it has worsened in recent years even as an economic boom and a welfare overhaul have brought gains to black women...
  4. WattsUp

    tha 80's babys

    i heard a song by them on 102.5 sac's station, shit wuz kinda coo, is tha whole group from tha town?
  5. WattsUp

    Katrina victim gets jacked in tha Yay Areeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Thursday, March 16, 2006 Trina Gary thought she'd lived through the worst disaster possible when Hurricane Katrina swept her and her five children out of New Orleans last year. But the past three weeks have made her think again. The 42-year-old single mother, who landed in the East Bay after...
  6. WattsUp

    bun b kills e-40 on his own album

    bun b come the hardest on white girls, santana wuznt that bad either, e-40 laggin he slowin down his spit too much for these squares i guess......:confused:
  7. WattsUp

    anybody catch tha e-40 & d-shot movie on BET tonight?

    some movie with d-shot e-40 and suga t in there, shit wuz some low budget shit but they showed it tonight on BET, didnt this shit come out a few years ago
  8. WattsUp

    this e-40 shit gettin outta control

    i remember when e-40 popped on tha scene with mailman , not sayin this wuz his first shit, i know about his albums prior to this, but this wut broke him into tha mainstream, when he came out with mailman the bay scene wuz already established and strong, wut i'm sayin is this nigga didnt change...
  9. WattsUp

    alright so e-40 got his video on mtv.... whos next?

    everybody talkin bout tha hyphy movement, and mtv showin luv now... but who's next to be on mtv and bet? after this tell me when to go video wear off wut the bay gon hit these fools with next? i'm wonderin why there aint a number of bay videos on by now on mtv and bet, its still just tell me...
  10. WattsUp

    MSNBC news article on yay area and hyphy
  11. WattsUp

    Nortenos and Surenos truce

    Posted on Fri, Feb. 24, 2006 Gang rivals declare peace in San Jose THEY HUG EACH OTHER IN SYMBOLIC RALLY By Rodney Foo Mercury News It was a rare day at San Jose City Hall's plaza. Former hard-core members of rival gangs -- once generals in the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia -- took the...
  12. WattsUp

    wuts tha new song on tha radio called stuy louie or some shit got e-feezy and his son

    e-40 spit some str8 heat on that shit like ol school days, this shit hot
  13. WattsUp

    Erika Kane (Ms Kane) from legit ballers album

    anybody got a pic of this bitch?
  14. WattsUp

    Hood 2 Hood 2

    i heard theres a hood 2 hood 2, whens this comin out?
  15. WattsUp

    wut do people do at the exotic erotic ball?

    is that shit for gay people or somethin? i heard u supposed to dress up like a dick or a pussy or some kinda body part :beard:
  16. WattsUp

    question about The Team

    the songs "bottles up" and the remix song with too short mc hammer and keak, wut album r they going to be on? and is the album out or when will it be out?