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  1. jake921660

    New iPhone

  2. jake921660

    Let's Make The Worlds Longest Thread Ever (NSFW)

  3. jake921660

    Official ecig thread so butcher will shut the fuck up about it in other threads

    Discuss all things ecig related
  4. jake921660

    Lets Make The Longest Thread Ever (NSFW)

  5. jake921660

    Late Night Lag

    In the early hours of the morning the sicc is laggy as fuck. It will work for 1 minute then will not load anything for a while and then start working again.
  6. jake921660

    Queensland Floods

    Theres some pretty bad flooding going on in my state at the moment. This shit is happening less than 100km from where i live: c-BEMTwh4hI Already 15 dead and 50 still missing. RIP. My city is fine at the moment but to top it off they just announced that another cyclone is due in a week or 2 so...
  7. jake921660

    Happy Bday to all you lazy motherfuckers

    Bayside Urban, Fratricide, Computer Dork, sacramentokingz, BIGCHILL, sicc wit it, will martinez, TRIPLESIX, grumpy, the_siccist, FunkyCyc0, King Dubb, MaD-RaPpEr_417, friday126, EbKiLLa, Hiphopmuzik51, chartpete, irbyn, oceanrecordsceo, D-Fly, fodewada, BIG CHORIZO (109), ReLinkWish (109), Doc...
  8. jake921660

    WTF?! 13yo murdered a 12yo
  9. jake921660

    MERRY XMAS 2009 siccness!!!

    Merry Christmas Its 12.57am on christmas morning here and im drunk. Good start to christmas so far.
  10. jake921660

    Official Brotha Lynch Album Thread

    Did a search and couldnt find a thread for updates and such, and also I dont have an "official" thread to my name yet. And because I put official in the title it means this thread is more important than others. But I digress. From BLHs updates on Myspace.
  11. jake921660

    Another HAD thread....

    Is this HADs brother. He prefers to keep it on the straight and narrow and is making it pretty big in the business world. I realize this could be a massive fail thread as are most HAD threads.
  12. jake921660


    Heres my contribution
  13. jake921660

    Scariest movie youve ever seen

    Whats the scariest movie that youve ever seen? It may not necessarily be your favorite horror movie, but what had you not able to sleep for days?
  14. jake921660

    Soulja Boy - KOD

    SMH Soulja Boy with autotune. <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  15. jake921660

    Siccness Conspiracy

    I remember a few days ago 2-0-sixx posted up a pic of where the movie forum should go and there was a forum called "Siccness Elite". I replied and pointed out that I had never seen that before and asked how many posts to get in. Now both posts are gone... Somethings going on here.
  16. jake921660

    Downloading songs off Myspace?

    Is there currently no way to do this? I have tried with no luck, and Myspace Gopher no longer works either. Is there any new other ways? I tried teh google and it gave me a whole lot of links to file2hd and myspace gopher. I also tried sand, but that didnt work either. So, is...
  17. jake921660

    Sorry for another MJ thread but....

    I would just like to know how many people think he was good or bad. Vote on the poll.
  18. jake921660

    List of Producers

    Just an idea. How about a thread with all of Strange's music listed and the producer of each song listed beside each song (if known). If a thread like this existed it would save time searching for a certain thread when the information is wanted. This information could also go into the Strange...
  19. jake921660

    How does she get these on??

  20. jake921660

    T Pain Got a Big Ass Chain

    T Pains new bling. LMAO