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  1. mamaCITAZ65o

    Too $hort on Kendra

    Anyone see it on the E! channel? Apparently he does the theme song as well. just sayin
  2. mamaCITAZ65o

    the landlord
  3. mamaCITAZ65o

    2007 Georgia high school's FIRST integrated prom

    damn racism is still goin doin and it's 07. First integrated prom for rural Georgia high school Adjust font size: ASHBURN, Georgia (AP) -- For the first time, the faces of students at the Turner County High School prom were both white and black. Each year, in spite of integration, the...
  4. mamaCITAZ65o


    its the Kyocera phone , i got mine from metro pcs.. so my question is: is it possible to get hifi ringtones on this contraption?
  5. mamaCITAZ65o

    Vh1 is hella funny tonight

    So I'm doing my homework with Tv on and i can't even work with this funny shit First off.. The I love NY reunion: if you missed it.. it was wild Charm School: LoL @ Like Dat falling off the ropes in the obsticle course with her thong hanging out and her big ass hitting Serious in the face The...
  6. mamaCITAZ65o

    *cough* stuck at home with a cold *sniff*

    this sucks.. and its friday night.. anyone else sick? i can't even enjoy food right now especially a piece of a juicy friday night steak now that lent is over. and nyquill ain't really doing the job. :dead: :( :hurt: :mad: >:( >:( :ermm:
  7. mamaCITAZ65o


    would you rather have a girl with hairy armpits or hairy legs
  8. mamaCITAZ65o

    So i just seen RENO 911: MIAMI

    That shit was hella funny esp. the part with the chicken. It was hella dumb... Anyone else seen it
  9. mamaCITAZ65o

    current TV

    my cousin works for a Tv station in frisco called CURRENT TV. its only about 2 years old. anyway its kinda cool. people make videos or movies and they play it on TV on channel 100 and something, depending on what kinda cable you got. so here's the website check out some...
  10. mamaCITAZ65o

    Fine Art

    let me know what yall think
  11. mamaCITAZ65o

    so cal shit

    i dont listen to socal rap that much but my cuz is doing a project and what not. so can some of yall tell me what are some good rappers i should listen to. beside the mainstream
  12. mamaCITAZ65o

    Dem Franchise boys vs D4L

    im not too wild about them, i like a few of the songs from both groups but... i was reading VIBE and they were sayin how franchise and d4l were fueding as to who came up with the 'snap' first. now ppl get all excited when it comes to who said what first so i thought to post a thread. out of...
  13. mamaCITAZ65o


    ya'll heard about that duck with the broken wing that got an x-ray and the scientists saw an aliens face in the belly.. ooohh creepy
  14. mamaCITAZ65o

    BAY AREA SLAPS 24/7 there a link to station that allows you to listen to slaps on your puter 24/7
  15. mamaCITAZ65o

    big gipp & e-40

    "ham sandwich" by big gipp & e-40 what yall think
  16. mamaCITAZ65o


    i was down in socal about a year ago and a song "westside" came on by some cat from inglewood... the song prolly hella old but i liked it....does anyone know who sings it?
  17. mamaCITAZ65o

    artwork (without computers)

    what yall think