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  1. Eunuch

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    music is subjective folks and to me personally, i was not feeling the production much but more so what he was saying in it and the presentation of the video.
  2. Eunuch

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    yeah, the hook and beat is weak but the lyrics and content is on point....for me at least and the video was done good though.
  3. Eunuch

    what time is it again????????

    to do my thing of course vbkUK2E7Ifc
  4. Eunuch

    Do Or Die + Twista -Withdrawal [official music video]

  5. Eunuch

    Payroll Giovanni, Big Quis & Doughboyz Cashout thread

    Payroll Giovanni [of Doughboyz Cashout] - Hustlas & Bosses ft. B-Legt+Big Quis+Clay i really can't stand doughboy clay doing hooks. he sounds like your drunk uncle at family parties qMuOrU46x0E
  6. Eunuch

    Ice Man & Slamma [1212 Ent.] - Washed Up ft. King Samson [music video]

    the northside of chicago has finally got its shit together and getting out there WqCX0Ob5bQA
  7. Eunuch

    same dude from doomsday prod compilation?

    can anyone verify to me if this is the same d-bug from northtown vs westside II who did the song "hood drugged". wCb2D-GYxko
  8. Eunuch

    Lil St. Louis - MDG Da Mob [video]

  9. Eunuch

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    if you noticed, NARD is never on songs that feature twista on it. i had a discussion with a friend on this and think it's cause NARD isn't good with fast rapping songs. dude is still around but i don't think rap is all that high on his priority.
  10. Eunuch

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    well i think they didn't do stuff in the 90s because of contracts and them being pushed or in their own minds, pushing to do stuff they assumed WOULD SELL as opposed to just doing things for fun. this project was probably paid off fully by twista alone. i doubt AK or belo have much money to put...
  11. Eunuch

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    yeah, i heard it. for me personally, i liked the intro and withdrawl songs are the best. it held the vibe of old DOD but updated. the rest of the tracks was filler to me and kind of cheesy attempts to sound current. i would give you a direct download but i ain't sure it's good to but you can...
  12. Eunuch

    who's been doing those woodie like beats?

    i heard songs here and there by doc 9/b-dawg and the beats sound so much like what woodie did and weren't watered down. i haven't been active on this site in general so i'm behind on everything. who's doing the production for these folks? it really steps up the quality of this very limited genre.
  13. Eunuch

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    yeah, it was posted on fakeshore awhile back. judging from the features, it's done in-house because those singers/producers were on twista's last album.
  14. Eunuch

    Twista and Do or Die - Withdrawl (EP) (2015)

    i do not think traxster has anything to do with this EP.
  15. Eunuch

    what's your favorite EP?

    back in the 90s, a lot of chicago rappers mostly put out EPs for various reasons and now it seems to be popular again for rap in general. i really can't name a lot off the top of my head right now and also any outside of chicago but...... co-killa/d-fly "aftershock" bbq "bad blood" da smart...
  16. Eunuch

    V. Bo - Stay Focused [eastside long beach]

    dude left third verse free for folks to jump on it if they wanted yhDHXnUy6yI
  17. Eunuch

    The Bass That Ate Miami Mix!!

    i've been MIA for a few years, didn't know you DJ'd. liking some of your mixes.
  18. Eunuch

    who's your favorite rapper to jump on the chiraq beat?

    so far the one who really impressed me is montana of 300. who's yours? bA4xvmH3WSQ
  19. Eunuch

    Homeland Security arrests over 600 gang suspects

    i wonder if mr. capone-e was hit up or i wish he would. i'd think homeland security would LOVE to see ese taliban locked up. krarv4wot9M