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  1. AhabSolutePower

    Kaliko - DO IT

    I was out at this club/bar tonight called the Wild West Saloon (in Billings fricken Montana) and they were rocking Krizz Kalikos - Do It...offa Vitiligo. Needless to say, I was shocked to hear it, especially in bumfuck MT...But the crowd was feeling it. Just thought it was cool to hear some of...
  2. AhabSolutePower

    OT - The Bio Thread

    Now this may flop bigger than a fat bitches titties hitting the water offa a diving board, but I've been kinda curious to see people besides their internet persona and avatars. NO I ain't no child molester or stalker or some shit, I just kinda thought it'd be cool to see a little background on...
  3. AhabSolutePower

    OT - Favorite Artist/Band BESIDES Tech N9ne

    I'm curious to see what y'all are bumping besides Tech N9ne. I always like to be introduced to new bands and artists. Hook me up with some goodness! For me I've been listening to a lot of Dethklok (Metalocalypse), MF DOOM, and Weezer's Red Album
  4. AhabSolutePower

    Chart Positions

    Any word on numbers after the first day of release? Let's post anything we hear on this thread so it's convenient. I've seen some posts about iTunes and shit. Put all that here.
  5. AhabSolutePower

    Strictly Strange Fall Tour?

    So I work at a Wal-Mart here in Billings haha (summer time position, I go to college here too)...but anyways Killa C (From Grave Plott) came in today and I was talking to him for a while and I asked him when Tech was gonna go on another tour (besides Strange Noize 2) and he said they were...
  6. AhabSolutePower

    OT---Sort Of

    I was just curious if someone had a link or a file picture of the Barcode Cross??? I'm looking for it as a base for some piece I wanna do and I'm having a bitch of a time just finding a plain picture of the barcode cross...if anyone has a link/file I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  7. AhabSolutePower

    What artist/band would you like to see on Strange Music?

    This has probably been done before...if so ignore it....if not...Thoughts???