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    What are your biggest challenges of being a NW rapper/producer?

    What are your biggest challenges of being a NW rapper/producer? This includes money, networking, contacts, time or whatever. Discuss.
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    So what areas make the Northwest?

    We have Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Some other states around are not technically anywhere SW, midwest, NW. Maybe NW can expand to include those states and become a larger force. Montana would be the easiest to include, but what about Wyoming and the Dakotas?
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    Northwest Gansterism?!?

    Northwest Gangsterism?!? Nobody seems to be talking about this so I will. My brother recently gave me burnt copies of NW artists (I'm an artist myself and I wouldn't accepted burnt copies from anyone else) . Nothing was wrong about it, production was good. BUT, it seemed like everyone talked...
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    Northwest Open Mics?

    Anybody know any spots where they do open mics in the NW, I've seen a lot of acoustic open mics, not many hip hop ones. Thanks.
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    50 Cent's cousin 25 cent (two five) ^check it out
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    Myspace for Promotion?

    Seems like alot of people are using it. I never really got into it so I don't know. Is it a good place for promoting music? Can it generate sales? Any useful tips?
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    Is it Possible to Sell 100K+ in the NW?

    I was just wondering the other day about this, but I'd like to hear your opinions. It's been done b4 and is possible yeah, but I'm not really sure its gonna happen in the near future. I would guess you would have to take in to account the total NW region population, the percentage of rap fans...
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    Tacoma Mall Shooting

    Anybody hear about the 6 people that got shot at the Tacoma Mall. My homie said somebody had a semi-automatic and let off by the Sam Goody store.