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    E-40 "The Block Brochure 4, 5 & 6" ???

    40 said a few month ago he was going to drop the follow up to his Block Brochure triple album on march 26 2013 but since then I ain't heard nothing: no single, no promotion, no cover, ... anybody knows if he'll still drop it? has it been pushed back? cancelled?
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    What's up wit Sean-T & Sandman?

    Wasn't Sean-T supposed to drop an album in 2011 or sum'? I ain't heard about it since and except a few beats for Messcaleen, I ain't heard of him much! Anybody know what's up wit him? and wasn't Sandman supposed to drop sumthin too? thx 4 the answers
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    Where They At???

    alot of dudes that poped when hyphy was slappin ('06), don't hear nuthin from them today! Anybody know where they at? if they still in music? dudes like: -Furious (dropped "Breaking Point", hot album) -Burner (the beatmaker from Slappin In The Trunk vol. 1 & 2) -Young Bop -Young Meek -Jon Nash...
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    The D.B.'Z

    When is their album "Mannish Music" comin out? Was supposed to drop in March but ain't from it since then! Anyone know plz hit me up
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    Help on Star Studded

    what's the title of the Star Studded song on that block report trailer it slappz hella hard! whut album is it tooken from?
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    Dopegame 4?

    Tought Dopegame 4 was supposed to drop last summer! Did it dropped? was it pushed back? anybody got infos bout that?
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    is Ya Boy still on BWS?

    heard that Ya Boy ain't on BWS no more and he was replaced by a guy named Black Boy or sum like that... is it real? somebody got info bout that?
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    Westcoast Vaccine pushed back again?

    I though it was supposed to drop in June but I just read on WCR that it was scheduled to drop on August! anybody got info bout this?
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    help on a song

    I heard that track on Bomb Bay Radio and the shit goes super hard! I dunno who's rappin but it's a slapper! the hook goes like this: "That boy he good He slappin, they play it in the streets That boy he good that's what the people be sayin to me That boy he good it's (?) , i'm the son of a...
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    Droop-E & B-Slimm single

    wut's the official single for their album? since they leaked so much tracks I don't really know
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    D-Shot "Callin All Shots"

    Wasn't the new D-shot album supposed to drop yesterday? nobody talked about it! has it been pushed back?
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    Who produced these tracks?

    these a couple of "well known" song and I'd like to kno who produced them: Team "Bottles up" Babyface Assassins "Dread Headz" feat fabby Short "She know what it is" Sumthin Terrible "Stupid in ya buick" feat fabby San Quinn "Dumb" feat YadaBoyz & Hoodstarz Prophet "Strip For Me" feat Carson...
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    Keak Da Sneak "Kunta Kinte"

    I thought this was supposed to be a real album but I was hella disapointed! it's more like a "best of" or sumthin! HELLA recycled track (like 2 or 3 new songs only)! Anybody kno if Keak plan to drop a REAL NEW album?
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    The Mossie & The DB'z

    this is a great day fo the bay! them album are super slappin! cop em asap
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    Taj Mahal -Planet Of the Bathin Apes

    is it actually an album or just a mixtape? cause I been lookin for it for a while (strores, eBay, rapBay, ...) and I can't find it!
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    Problem "Watch Me"

    When is it supposed to drop?
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    Dopegame 4

    When iz it supposed to drop?
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    help on Federation Video

    it looks like Federation did more than one video! I thoght "Hyphie" wid 40 was the only one they shot but I heard they did another one! which song is it? where ca I see that video?
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    is it hyphie?

    I just started making beats and I don't really have nobody to tell me if it sounds goo or not!chck 'em out and let me know what y'all think! I'm opened to every critics
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    E-A-Ski's Album?

    I heard E-A-Ski was gonna drop an album this year but since that "Club Talk" song with Keak and 40 I ain't heard much about that! Is he still droppin? Cuz I kno it might be full of slaps