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    Hate on x raided

    I notice some people hating on raided always commenting about him being on PC. And calling him a snitch...does any one know why he went to pc?....i would guess Becuase he didnt want to fool around with the gang bullshit...i also seen the video where he.. did say who stabbed him so i guess that...
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    What. Rymes No one should use any more?

    Keeping it.real Packing the steal Dropping bombs like Vietnam Mackin n stakin Etc keep it going
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    One song

    If you show some one Who never heard lynch. What would be the first song you would show
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    Gangsta dre still active?

    I havent heard any thing new from him he had some talent last thing i heard he got hooked in meth then he started going to church... I hope to hear some new music from him
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    Lynch muisc dont cut it no more

    Not hating off of lynch but i think his last good album was ebk 4 what happen? He still spits good but its not the same dont really stand out maybe the production. ... Xraided still got it though but need better beats
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    Has any one tried Lsd?

    Been few years ago ...lsd Is the shit made me think hella deep changed my perception help me let go of all my problems that i would always focus on. Better than shrooms but shrooms was good only the first time i took 3 grams.. How was your guys experience? What do you perfer shrooms or acid?
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    E40 ? Lryics

    I met her last night and today she paged me Wanna know if B-Legit can kick it tonight (what else) Only sixteen, way too tight But age ain't nothin' but a number- number Baby got her hair done by Shanda- Shanda Nine nine ten, eleven and up If you bleed, you get fucked- fucked What did e40 mean...
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    E40 vs mac dre

    In what ways was mac dre better than e40 and vice versa
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    Fag rap

    Why do rappers support fags now or afraid to offend ? Compromising for the gay agenda.... Their pushing gay shit every where even in rap....i seen an interview with too short saying he would rap or hang with gays....they should keep their shit in the closet
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    Best of the bay today

    Whos the best rappers of the bay right now? I grew up on the old mob shit... But havent been keeping up .. I know e40 is still relevent today
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    Rap of sac

    Whos the best rapper in sac town right now ? I been away from rap for a while... Got tired Of the same old songs. And new rap is garbage. Some is alright i been exploring other genres.... I was huge blackmarket fan.