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  1. Espiohti

    Where'd sicc tunes go?

    Movies and music is gone breh
  2. Espiohti

    Lol Read the comments people made.
  3. Espiohti

    Happy new year!

    To all my niner fans, raider fans, broncos fans, steeler fans, chargers fans, patriots fans, colts fans, titans fans, packers fans, vikings fans, bears fans, eagles fans,any NFL fan(except dallas and arizona fans your all bandwagon ass bitches except for indrid) HAPPY MOTHAFUCKIN NEW YEAR!! HOPE...
  4. Espiohti

    Steelers VS Ravens

    Roethlisberger not cleared to play, so Dennis Dixon(from San Leandro) gets his first NFL start.. Hope he does well
  5. Espiohti

    Romo reportedly makes homeless man's day with trip to movies The first thing that came to my head was, what a loser. Has no friends so he takes bums to movies.. then I realized something else.. Could it be Dwight "Doc" Gooden? hahaha
  6. Espiohti

    San Jose Earthquakes..

    So I left the TV on after the Giants game and I guess they're playing.. I walked into the room right as they scored a pretty sick goal.. was a header.. yea that's all I guess..
  7. Espiohti

    Drinkin is fun!!!!

    Tell me why... im drunk as fuck and cant find my keys!!!!!!!!!! fuck i got this beezy callin me tellin me to come thru but fuck it's all bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Espiohti

    Drinkin that Silver! Up all night!!

    Damn them fuckin tacos were on hit right now mi pretty fuckin on one rihgt now so yea here's Tech 9 singin bOhemain rhapsdoy ZyCQOuckbqg
  9. Espiohti

    Which goes harder in the paint?

    Yeaaa boyyeee!!!!!!! Just got a letter in the mail from the irs sayin my stimulus check will be here by next thursday week.. at first I was like.. what the fuck I want this shit for.. gimme my fuckin check!! then I realized I just got done workin a +60 hour work week that cashes me out by the...
  10. Espiohti

    Them split face NBA Finals Commercials.....

    I really didn't need to see old ass Larry Bird's wrinkly face next to old ass Magic Johnson...
  11. Espiohti

    Aye! Aye Dawg Aye.

    You stepped on my sneekur! GaLs5e0WdiQ
  12. Espiohti

    what the feezy?

    So I just got on my comp right now... and I noticed all the last posts and shit were from like damn near 12 hours ago... site go down or something?
  13. Espiohti


    This shit needed a poll..
  14. Espiohti

    Fuck Sleep pt. 3!!!!

    yea thass wassup!!! who's with me!!! lcc!!!
  15. Espiohti

    Report: Kobe earns first MVP
  16. Espiohti

    Fuck sleep! pt. 2!!!

    fuck sleep part 2!! thass wassup!!!
  17. Espiohti

    Fuck Sleep!!!

    yea... thass wassup!!!
  18. Espiohti

    Brown, Harden power Athletics to split with Red Sox
  19. Espiohti

    Mets agree to Santana deal, pending extension agreement
  20. Espiohti

    Raiders coach refuses to head owner's call to resign