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    UA and Stay Paid at OSU

    The Unexpected crew and the Stay Paid Crew....Took the long trip down I-5 to do a show for the oregon state baseball team......A benifit show for the specail olympics.......and Needless to say we all got it crackin.....First this cat from Portland took the stage...and did his thing.....Then...
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    Siccness Awards Go vote for Crytical for the best non bay area rap album of the year....There is a couple other Northwest things to vote for too.....
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    Sold out!!!!

    Neema of Unexpected Arrival sold out his birthday show at chop seuy........The venue was packed by 9:30 and sold out by 11:30......Thank you to everybody that came through......But if you havent been to an Unexpected Arrival show.....then you need to get your ass to one......because there always...
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    Unexpected Arrival....on the radio

    Whats good ya'll Unexpected Arrival is once again makin noise on the radio.....if you didnt hear him all last week all over the radio (KUBE and x 104.5) then you must not have been listening to the radio..... Stick and Move and Dance for me are currently both gettin spins on
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    "hip hop clothes" Seattle/Tacoma

    Whats good ya''ll Where does everybody go to buy there gear at......and for you Tacoma cats.....whats the name of that huge hip hop clothing store out that way....... Thanks yall DAK of UA......
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    Video of the fight at The Snoop Concert
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    who saw Tech in Seattle, Spokane....

    or Bellingham or Boise......Did any of you cats go to any of those shows and if so what did you think of Tech's set and the opening acts? I know Murdermen was in the building......
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    E-40 @ Jimmy z's this Sat

    E-40 will be at Jimmy Z's on Sat come through and check it out Unexpected Arrival will be opening up the show..... Check the link for more info This show is more then likely gonna sell out........So get there early or buy your tickets now.....
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    Cool Nutz, UA, Byrdie

    Chop Suey presents TONIGHT FEB 3rd INNERCITY HIP-HOP FEST 2 with BYRDIE UNEXPECTED ARRIVAL COOL NUTZ Clockwork Souldefy Sonny Bonoho Hosted by Mr. Benjamin $10 adv. All Ages / Bar w/ID 8 pm doors Come check out this show tonight....its gonna be crackin.....
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    Scarface show, Who's goin?

    Who's goin to the show this weekend in Portland?
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    Who's who?

    Its been a minutte since I have been posting on these boards, and since I have been gone it seems like quit a few people have joined the board. Anyways im just wondering who everybody is. where your from who you work with do you have albums out website ect...........
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    Been gone for awhile

    Whats good people. I been gone for a hot minute, I was just wondering whats new in the NW, who dropped albums and all that good shit. Let me know the dill pickle.......
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    ReignCraft 1-3 for sale

    Ok people I have copies of all three Reigncraft cd's You can buy one for 10 or all three for 22 the first person to buy all 3 for 22 will recieve a FREE copy of either Bullet's North Coast Rain or Young Krimes solo cd.......whatever one you choose The second person will get whatever one is...
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    The Jumpoff TONIGHT

    The Jump Off Starts at 9 LADIES free before 10, at Chop Seuy (1325 east madison capitol hill) Bar for 21+ with Unexpected Arrival Bad Luk Tru ID Aquino Free give aways 6 bucks at the door Come check out this show yall...............
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    Favorite quotes so far.......

    From The Lac Skunt ( shoot at you n***** like camcorders) Skunt ( aim and shoot like pool) 151 ( use that flag for a snot rag not for bangin) I think thats how is goes...... Thats all I can remember for now.......
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    Westside Connection Cancelled

    this is from WESTSIDE CONNECTION Friday May 07 The WESTSIDE CONNECTION concert scheduled for Friday, May 7 at The Paramount Theatre has been cancelled. Ticket refunds can be made at point of purchase.
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    Your first time

    Do you remember your first time ever hearing some E-40 or Too short????
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    7 day until.........

    :dead: THE LAC OF RESPECT :dead: I cant wait for this shit to drop....
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    Yo Playa Rae

    I forgot to tell you, I finally got one of the two packages you shipped to me, I say finally lol cause the dumb ass post man sent it to the wrong address so they had to re send it or whatever. I havent had much time to soak the cd's yet but when I do ill post up some feedback Also I was...
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    Yukmouth show

    This was my first time seeing Yukmouth rock the stage and he did that there, Yukmouth actually blew me away, he is a real dope proformer. Also Lak Of Respect did there damn thing as usaul And Bad Luk ripped his set too........