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  1. skreel

    Break Bread Mafia

    finally got the break bread mafia cd...first of all i thought that this was on break bread records and it's not.'s a cd-r??? was this only released on cd-r? i thought this was pressed.
  2. skreel

    what is "mobb" in your opinion???

    inspired by the discussion a few weeks back...what is MOBB MUSIC in your opinion!! i uploaded a track that's pure mobb music imo...please let me know what MOBB is from your point of view. THIS IS PURE MOBB IN MY BOOK!!!!!! that new shit ain't mobb at all...that 90's stuff was mobb and don't...
  3. skreel

    50 cent joins village people

    gayness... LOL!
  4. skreel

    the nephews

    first song i heard from em is "cash me out", what other material they have out? do you know if they produced the entire dru & majors album?
  5. skreel

    turf's new one droppin tuesday?

    sup ppl, will west coast vaccine drop on tuesday or not? who got info?
  6. skreel

    Marc Price ft. Clyde Carson "Just lost it"

    what album is this song on, or what album this song will be on. the beat was done by droop, and it slapsssssssssssssss!!! beat is kinda similar to "18 dummy" but it is to dope! plz help a playa out!
  7. skreel

    3 x krazy - keep it on tha real

    here y'all boyz go...i just ripped my old yo! mtv raps tapes and found this video, classic shit brought to you by dat boy skreel. :cool:
  8. skreel

    bullys wit fullys III

    can someone post up the cover please? i know that there's an add in latest murderdog, can someone please post it and a tracklist if possible? when was the drop date again? 23rd of may? i thought this one would be not that good because tay's no part of the group no more but with mess & guce...
  9. skreel

    big baby

    what y'all think of big baby? imo he's the coldest slowed down dj outta tx...dat boy is fire.
  10. skreel

    the pack

    i wanna buy all cd's from the pack but i don't know where to buy 'em. i almost checked every shop but i can't find absolutely nothing on the whole web. please help a playa out, thanks.
  11. skreel

    where can i order bailey's cd?

    i looked up the whole web and can't find a store to order. please don't name rapbay, that shop sucks cause it takes damn long till cds are delivered.
  12. skreel

    new miami

    i ordered my copy from for miami & the nation of thizzlam a while ago, the cd is still not here. now my question is, is this a real album like collection of dope or is it some kinda mixtape? if it's a mixtape i'll trade it right away without even opening the mofo, please info- i heard millions...
  13. skreel

    Eldorado Red (RICK ROCK) don't sleep!

    1. Intro 2. El Dawg 3. Respect My Gangsta - (featuring Federation) 4. Clown Niggaz - (featuring Goldie) 5. Love, Life, War 6. Life As A G 7. East Side Rider 8. Passed Away 9. Back Against A Wall 10. Real Pimpin - (featuring E-40) 11. Space - (featuring Keak Da Sneak) 12. Outro don't sleep on...
  14. skreel

    why does nobody talk about the new shot here?

    cd dropped and no one talkin bout the cd? mine got shipped yesterday and i wanna know what i have to expect. who produced n shit? info please, thx! 1. Purce First - (with A2ThaK/Preston) 2. Work That Flo - (with A2ThaK/J-Rock/Ms. Lovely) 3. 1000 Tears: Interlude 4. 1000 Tears - (with...
  15. skreel

    "3 freaks" question

    is there an album where i can find this track on? i only seen the 12" in stores, please info- thx.
  16. skreel

    interview with the mossie's mugzi

    sup y'all i just finished the interview with mugzi, maybe y'all like to peep that. peep it on my blog also: Wassup Mugzilla? I’m glad to have you here today to make a lil interview. The whole Sick Wid It camp is well known in...
  17. skreel

    cool nutz & maniac lok question?

    wudup y'all i've got a question on the cn & ml upcoming album- could y'all name the producers of the tracks? bosko? if yepp i'll order that one fa sho. :)
  18. skreel

    review cpw

    could someone write a little review for those who wait in germany (or somewhere else) so the wait isn't so damn hard til the postman comes? that would be hella cool!
  19. skreel

    bay/westcoast itunes style?

    sup folks, is there a commercial download service like itunes in the states where you can legally download mp3's or similar files and pay for em? in germany it's kinda hard to get stuff from the bay, cd's always get lost on the way to germany and stuff like that. i'm fed up with that, is there a...
  20. skreel

    the video on that high caliber

    yo jay tee, i'm watchin the video on your new cd. my english is not to good but i heard that you talk about german hoes...:D in germany "back to tha hotel" was a hit. tell me somthing about your german "vacations". in germany there is a lotta nice hoes. but i think in cali they're even...