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    New Ebay Items.. [email protected]@K!

    Few Rare CD's up. Check'em out..
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    Auction Ending in 24 Hours!!!

    Low prices and theres only 24 Hours!!!!! Get them while ya can!!!! Sneak Attack "Edmonted out" Bowleggs,Black Rhino. Rare! $4.99 - 9h 34m Marv Mitch & Lemay "Livin in The Strange" Very Rare 916 $14.50 7 23h 55m Extremely Rare "Brother M.O.E." You Reap what You Sew"...
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    This aint no Photoshop shit or Fake, This is real!!!!!
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    Ebay Auction Started today. Few rare CD;'s.
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    I have a CD buy this dude and i aint opened it. Is it a RARE CD? It has his face on it with his Eyes Colored in solid black. Holla back if anyone knows. Thanks.
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    P.G. "Presumed Guilty"?

    Anybody Remember this album like in 1996? It was some NORTENO dude from MODESTO or CERES area. The studio and contact info was in CERES. It was a Tight album. Anyone know what i'm talkin about?
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    From The Barrio With Love

    I'm Gettin the O.G. Release of this album next wednsday. I'm only gettin 2 if anyone want's it. It's the original Release and comes Brand New Sealed! Not even EBAY has it in that Condition! I know some of you are collectors and really want this. Make me a offer on these. I've seen it go for over...
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    Serious Inquires Only! Pre-Order "MARV MITCH & LEMAY"

    I made a thread Like a week ago about this.. Please send me a P.M. and i will notify you when i get them. Aproximatly 1 week From now orders will be placed and taken care of. Only serious buyers only! 30 shipped. I will put your name on a List of people who want it and i will go by Names in...
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    Why ENE Rappers say NIGGA?

    I just want to know? Why do you guy's use the word NIGGA if you aint Black? It Just seems funny to me Because i hear alot of you say NIGGA and it dont sound right comin from a Chicano. Thats the way i was raised. Its a Respect thing.And i know alot of you are Gonna say "I GREW UP AROUND BLACKS"...
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    Marv Mitch & Lemay "Livin N tha Strange"

    I'm Gettin a Shipment of these MARV MITCH & LEMAY albums soon. If anyone wanna pre-order with me, Reply here or on a P.M.. Based on the rarity, I am selling them for 25 shipped. I have Paypal so buy with confidence. I will let you know once i Got them. Other titles I'm getting are Chille Powdah...
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    I personnaly Dig all of TONES Music. It's not no watered down Bullshit. Straight Gangsta. If you have a ear fo that Grimy Gansta shit, any Fat Tone album will do. Mixtapes and all Full Lengths.
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    T-NUTTY "NUTT FACTOR" Project.

    Has been Released. Make sure you Snatch that up and support the SACTOWN music scene. If your tired of all that "HYPHY" Bullshit and jumping on cars crap, Go get some REAL gangsta shit.
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    For everybody Knockin the WEST COAST BAY AREA, WAIT till this drops. It's a Wrap for all them South Fools and all that Sugar coated 50 cent bullshit. Ya'll will Realize...
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    F.U. PAY ME Records?

    If anyone here has a Number or Email I can Contact "SASSAN" of FU PayMe (MURDER SHOW & LIVE FROM THE GUTTER Dvd) Holla at ya boy. I need to get at him. Thanks.
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    When you guys gonna re-press the O.G. version? I know alot of stores and people that want that album. I'm Talkin bout Original Artwork and Inserts, not no Re-done shit.
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    Stockton Cali Rap.......

    CD-R's are available Through me. Over the years, Stockton California Artists have released numerous Albums that are Really Rare and out of Print Nowadays. These Rarely Pop up on E-Bay, and when they do they are CD-R white Label copies that The Covers are made on Computers and duplicated off the...