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  1. 4thereal

    Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion?

    NEW YORK (AP) — Snoop Dogg wants you to know that he's tired of hip-hop, is Bob Marley reincarnated and is embracing reggae instead of the culture of guns he once rapped about. Also, he's got a new name: Snoop Lion. The artist said at a news conference Monday in New York that he was "born...
  2. 4thereal

    Some items going on right now...
  3. 4thereal


    Kreayshawn makes me go hard but her music makes me go soft. @NAMO, now you know reck is gonna come in here. He got one of them Kreayshawn alerts built into his computer. Lol
  4. 4thereal


    was that ever pressed up? i'm still looking for that.
  5. 4thereal

    Erk Tha Jerk aka Kevin Allen

    i like it. can't go wrong with erk. that right here ep stays knocked.
  6. 4thereal


    Sick!!!!! For some reason this song always makes me think about Rules & Regulations from Charlie Hustle album, almost like this is a part two. One of my favs from the album.
  7. 4thereal

    New items up....
  8. 4thereal


  9. 4thereal


    Hell yeah!!!!! Grabbin this!!!!! @Sacred its good if y'all worked forever on it. It's gonna pay off!!!!! Keep'em comin!!!!!
  10. 4thereal

    New eBay auctions up right now!!!!!
  11. 4thereal


    Yea I seen a flyer of him a while back and dude looked hella old for his age.
  12. 4thereal

    Joe Blow - Real Nigga Question

    Anyone know the sample in this? One of my favorites from him with J. Banks on hook and feat Bo Strangles.
  13. 4thereal


    Way too tight. This one and the other one!!!!!
  14. 4thereal

    a few things for sale
  15. 4thereal

    More than 250 CDs on eBay (some rare ones)

    @Ant1, how much did you get for the psycho gangsta stories cd and ballin cds? i think that was you.
  16. 4thereal

    Snooki having HIV or AIDS. Is this a rumor or not?

    Snooki having HIV or AIDS. Anyone else hear about this?
  17. 4thereal


    Sick!!!!! I like both of their music.
  18. 4thereal

    The new iPad

    One way I think to get stuff off ipad would be to take from the file side of the iPad thru going to computer, right click open on the iPad folder thing then open the folders until you get to the data. I do this on my iPhone. Hope I explained clearly lol. @ESFCE, I agree, it would be nice to...
  19. 4thereal

    The new iPad

    Anyone buying it? What y'all think about it?
  20. 4thereal

    Military Minded

    Was listening to this today. What ever happened to them? Did they have any other projects before or after Right Way Prods?