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  1. 4thereal

    Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion?

    NEW YORK (AP) — Snoop Dogg wants you to know that he's tired of hip-hop, is Bob Marley reincarnated and is embracing reggae instead of the culture of guns he once rapped about. Also, he's got a new name: Snoop Lion. The artist said at a news conference Monday in New York that he was "born...
  2. 4thereal

    Some items going on right now...
  3. 4thereal

    New items up....
  4. 4thereal

    New eBay auctions up right now!!!!!
  5. 4thereal

    Joe Blow - Real Nigga Question

    Anyone know the sample in this? One of my favorites from him with J. Banks on hook and feat Bo Strangles.
  6. 4thereal

    a few things for sale
  7. 4thereal

    Snooki having HIV or AIDS. Is this a rumor or not?

    Snooki having HIV or AIDS. Anyone else hear about this?
  8. 4thereal

    The new iPad

    Anyone buying it? What y'all think about it?
  9. 4thereal

    Military Minded

    Was listening to this today. What ever happened to them? Did they have any other projects before or after Right Way Prods?
  10. 4thereal

    $3 CD's for sale right here!!!!!

    CD's must go. All CD's listed are $3 each plus shipping of course. Here's the list: Vital - Failure Is Not An Option (2005) - feat. E-40 Mac Dre Made From Scratch Compilation (201?) - feat. San Quinn Big Rich Evenodds Flawless - Game (2009) - feat. Mac Dre K-Lou Mint Rock - Magnified (200?) -...
  11. 4thereal

    da folks "oakland soldiers" tape for sale brand new sealed...

    in sealed condition. holla!!!!!
  12. 4thereal

    Wanted: JT The Bigga Figga's Black Wall Street Magazine from like 2001...

    Let me know if you have this for sale....
  13. 4thereal

    A few things for sale on eBay....
  14. 4thereal

    Clown The Scrub Above 2012

    Happy New Years muthafuckas!!!!!
  15. 4thereal

    Anyone looking these?

    Sideways - Self Titled 2002 Antioch in very good condition no promo marks cuts or anything: Recon -Makin Moves 1999 New Orleans in very good condition no promo marks cuts or anything:
  16. 4thereal

    Woman lies about having cancer to make extra cash

    SMH. Put it on extra thick to calling herself a 3 time survivor. That bitch gonna fuck around and get cancer after pulling that shit...
  17. 4thereal

    Thinking of moving to the Seattle area

    Where are some coo spots to live at out there in Seattle or surrounding areas? How's the rent like? How are jobs and pay like?
  18. 4thereal

    Good cd pressing spots

    Where's a good place to go for cd pressing in the bay?
  19. 4thereal

    A few items ending soon