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  1. phncke

    WeezGotti Big Steppa YouTube

    I just found this. It’s been on repeat.
  2. phncke

    A-wax..... RX Lord 2

    Glad it finally came out. I think he did a good job. All the songs are good to me. Best song to me is dan akroyd
  3. phncke

    Anyone been to the Nike employee store?

    I heard it sposed to be like half off of damn near everything with no tax. I just ended up getting a pass to go in. Anyone been? Tips, tricks, advice?
  4. phncke

    Anybody ever use Plasti dip?

    i did my 10s and my grill today. Came out pretty dope considering the cost. Bumpers n emblems next.
  5. phncke

    So who's been to Thailand ??

    Just booked tix for 11/20-11/28 to go to Bangkok. Guys only. It's gonna be 3-4 of us there. Besides the obvious, what's dope there?
  6. phncke

    New A-wax--Money Back Another dope cut
  7. phncke

    Summer concerts (who's going to what)

    My schedule for the summer is pretty dope so far. I got tix for me an my chick to go check out Steve miller band June 29th at cheateu ste Michelle winery Outdoor lawn seating... Gonna be dope
  8. phncke

    1975 caprice rag

    Just picked it up for the summer for 4500. Took it straight to the riches custom interior to get a new top and new guts. White top white seats red carpet. Should be done in 3 weeks. Anyone else got plans to stunt?
  9. phncke

    Too $hort arrested for DUI n some mo shit!!!!

    Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News | Rapper Too Short has just been arrested for DUI ... after allegedly attempting to run from police, TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Short -- real name Todd Anthony Shaw -- was pulled over in L.A. a couple hours...
  10. phncke

    Anyone been to New York?

    So I'm goin to New York for business next month n stayn for a week. Ill be in Holbrook. I just found out today so I haven't planned shit. I'm prolly gonna b solo so I'm game for whatever. Moneys not a problem within reason What's some must see must do things while I'm there?
  11. phncke

  12. phncke


    Rip Rocket Man Dude had guts. That's for sure
  13. phncke

    Is it safe to say that A-Wax won the beef with Hus?

    It seems like up until recently there was no clear winner. You had two groups. One group sided with awax n said hus is a rat cuz there's no way you get 3 years for 30lbs of yayo. And then you had the other group who said awax was wrong and that hus got lucky and the court made an exception for...
  14. phncke

    Any web designers or graphic designers n Seattle area???

    I need some work done for my business. I need my website overhauled to something more professional. It'll be about 5-6 pages. And I also need some graphics design work done. I need either a pamphlet or a post card sized leave behind for my door to door guys. I figure I'd give the sicc goons a...
  15. phncke

    J Diggs n A-Wax should make a album

    Featuring X-Raided, Scarface, Gucci Mane, and Z-Ro. That's all
  16. phncke

    New A-Wax song n video. YEAH RIGHT produced by Nonstop Can't wait for album to drop
  17. phncke

    George Zimmerman to be charged for killing Trayvon Martin

    Special prosecutor will announce what charge in 30 mins
  18. phncke

    A-Wax - Hey Yukmouth (Yukmouth Diss)

    Cant say I disagree enjoy
  19. phncke

    Whats up with Handsome Jeff aka Jackpot??

    is he still makin music? Dude was/is raw
  20. phncke

    Are you hoping for Obama or a republican to get elected??

    Which are you hoping for and why? Me personally I hope a republican gets elected. I think we need to quit giving out handouts period. You don't pay into taxes then you shouldn't be able to get anything out. Incentivizing laziness is plain dumb. No deposit, no return.