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    Saigon - The greatest story never told

    1. Station Identification (Intro) Feat Fatman Scoop Produced By Just Blaze 2. The Invita Saigon Feat Q Tip And Fatman Scoop (B. Carenard Nogias Music BMI) Produced by Just Blaze 3. Come On Baby feat Swizz Beatz and Jay Z (B. Carenard, K. Dean. S. Carter J. Smith) Produced by Just Blaze 4. War...

    Sean Levert (Son Of R&B Singer Eddie Levert)A capella

    dude got some LOL

    Bob Marley....

    R.I.P. Bob Marley (Feb 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981)

    Scarface - Dopeman Music

    Tracklist: 01. Picking Up The Pieces 02. Dopeman Music (Feat. B. James And Monk Kaza) 03. Lyrical Assault (Feat. Malice And Mr. Lo Key) 04. FaSho Money (Skit) 05. Gwap (Feat. B. James And Monk Kaza) 06. Get Lost (Feat. B. James, Monk Kaza, And Rodney Gant) 07. The N Word 08. The Ghetto Report...

    Borderland vs leftfor dead2

    What game do y'all think is better overall??? Been wanting to another game n give mw2 a lil rest, but up in the airwith these 2 games.

    Damn Serena Williams Got fined $80,000.....

    But on a lighter note she's was caught poppin out her bikini top!!! :siccness: hey...i was bored :ermm:

    Serial Killaz - Body Bags

    I kind of looked and didnt notice a thread on these dudes but..... Xzibit & B Real have come together with up and comer Young De and teamed up to form Serial Killaz. The track "Body Bags" is the first taste of the trio's official work together, which will culminate in one of the most...

    Dead Prez - Pulse Of The People

    Just noticed this who's heard it yet? 01. WRBG 02. Runnin' Wild 03. Don't Hate My Grind (Feat. Bun B) 04. Warpath (Feat. Ratfink)...

    Dragons Lair

    Who remebers this game???? I do..........fuck im old Now look @ the tiddies | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \/
  10. TLALOC

    King Tee's daughter in car accident

    News just came in that west coast legend King Tee's oldest daughter Heaven passed away in a car accident yesterday. The news came from Xzibit (via Twitter), who also lost a child around this time last year. R.I.P. Codolences
  11. TLALOC

    Is it just me or are Asian women pussies tighter?!

    Is it just me or anyone else experience this?
  12. TLALOC

    Halle Berry "shes fine" Although i agree with the name of the song, I dont like hurricane chris!!! But how that fuckin girl with the green dress on (short hair girl).......Mommy is MMmmmmm yummmmeey!!! lol Get her name.......Now carry on!
  13. TLALOC

    Gun Thread

    How many of us own (legally) guns or rifles/shotguns?! Im going legal myself, been wanting to get a gun for home protection (again legally). Dont want the fuckin police sweatin me and taking me to jail if i need to pull a gun out on some fools trying to break into my home...shit i got a family...
  14. TLALOC


    R.I.P. 3yrs.... 6SmQ0awd7-U
  15. TLALOC

    Termanology - Politics As Usual

    Tracklisting: 01. It's Time (prod. by Easy Mo Bee) 02. Watch How It Go Down (prod. by DJ Premier) 03. Respect My Walk (prod. by Buckwild) 04. Hood Shit (feat. Prodigy) (prod. by The Alchemist)...
  16. TLALOC

    Big Band Experiment Sparks Doomsday Fears

    I meant bang not Just read this article......Opinions?! GENEVA - It has been called an Alice in Wonderland investigation into the makeup of the universe — or dangerous tampering with nature that could spell doomsday. Whatever the case, the most powerful atom-smasher ever...
  17. TLALOC

    Ice Cube - Raw Footage

    Usually Hurrache post's shit like this, but..... Track Listing: 01 00:55 What Is A Pyroclastic Flow? 02 03:43 I Got My Locs On (featuring Young Jeezy) 03 03:26 It Takes A Nation 04 04:42 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It 05 05:11 Hood Mentality 06 04:01 Why Me? (featuring Musiq Soulchild) 07 04:13...
  18. TLALOC

    Joell Ortiz (Feat. Dante Hawkins) - Letter To Obama

    This dude is one of the few reasons y i still listen to hiphop...His lyrics contain real substance! Yall gotta give it up to dude and peeps like him...
  19. TLALOC

    Crooked I

    Im sorry i dont give a fuck about anybody elses opinion about dude, cuz dude is definetly sick as fuck...Real talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope he finally drops a fuckin album....
  20. TLALOC

    Raekwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. 2

    I question the authenticity of this Leak Anybody know whats up with this, found it floating around in cyber space.... Tracklisting 01 OB4CLII Intro - Sword of the Samurai 02 Thug World ft. 2Pac 03 Holywood skit 04 Rock Stars & Smoking Barrels ft. Ghostface, GZA & Inspectah Deck 05 Hollywood...