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  1. MoonChild

    Goldtoes Presents: The Huddle Starring Napalm (Frisco Comp.)

    Just dropped today:
  2. MoonChild

    Lex Moon - Cosmic Paradox

    Fresh upload, goin through the archive, def gotta get these all finalized n up on itunes & stuff.
  3. MoonChild

    Mac Mall Interview & Freestyle on Hip-Hop Slam with Billy Jam [Remaster]

    Billy jam just ripped this from vhs, was only 1 audio chanel & needed a little work, did a quick remaster to the audio & video, peep.
  4. MoonChild

    2Pac - 2020 Visions Volume II now up for download Slaps front ta back, quarantine music!!
  5. MoonChild

    DJ MoonChild Presents: 2Pac - 2020 Visions Mixtape Volume 1 (Remastered Demos & Alt. Mixes)

    Came into a gang of early demos n alternate mixes past 2 years, turned into 2 volumes, Peep. Now up for download: Up next volume 2, ill throw lost chronicles on there and 2 Lex Moon comps.
  6. MoonChild

    X-Raided - Rep Tha Set (DJ MoonChild's Original Mix, 2013)

    X gave me the greenlight ta upload these for ya'll ta slump, detailed info in the description on youtube, peep.
  7. MoonChild

    X-Raided - Rep Tha Set (DJ MoonChild's Original Mix)

    X gave me the greenlight to upload these for ya'll ta slump, peep. Detailed info in the description on youtube.
  8. MoonChild

    Andre Nickatina Interview on Music Central, 2000 (Promoting The Daiquiri Factory)

    Another one I dont see on youtube so I uploaded for folks.
  9. MoonChild

    Dre Dog Rhythem Visions Interview, 1995 (Promoting Passion & Situation Critical Video Debut)

    Goin way back. Dont see em on youtube so uploadin for folks.
  10. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1990 - IMP Dogs EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)!CmhgQC6a!Xj_1-EPIw-RX0-gAv5Ncvg Anyone have a better tape rip of these, send em thru n ill remaster from there.
  11. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1989 - No Prisoners EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)!mmI0WKwA!D9Q_ruXJY6YHpvgjBebUfA IMP Dogs EP up next. Keepin Cougar Alive. If anyone has better quality source files send em thru n ill remaster those n update these.
  12. MoonChild

    Les G Presents: Da Trigga Gotz No Heart (1994) (DJ MoonChild Remasters)!K3wDGSpT!6szD4wntJKSWJwnadXPa2g Did My Own Sequence As well. Les G production the highlight of this comp for me, classic frisco underground, cassette only release.
  13. MoonChild

    Nickatina feat. Pimpton 90-25 new official vid.

    Dope beat n delivery. Slaps.
  14. MoonChild

    Mixtape Idea for Nickatina "Tales Of Tony Montana"

    I'v been sittin on this for a while, its all his tracks w scarface samples n choruses. For the intro is the inst. Dre Dog from the unreleased cd with clips of him sayin scarface quotes from throughout his career. I hit him on twitter ta see if i could dm him about the idea but didnt hear back...
  15. MoonChild

    Pathetic weesle worms takin credit for my work L.a.m.b. , that dude is a member here, comedy.
  16. MoonChild

    2Pac - Only Move 4 The Money Feat. Snoop Dogg, Daz & Bad Azz (Unreleased) [DJ MoonChild Multi-Track Redux]

    Info in description, add me got more ta upload.
  17. MoonChild

    2Pac - The Lost Chronicles Of 2Pacalypse EP (DJ MoonChild Remasters Of the recent leaks)!zmwxFQgb!KGMpc5SWKZo-_WzBBXdeLA Heres my remasters of the recent leaks, nice ta hear some unheard lyrics