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  1. Mac Jesus

    Russia, Covid, inflation and the downfall of America

    Damn, Putin really out here playing chess not checkers. Shit can get scary real fast. Tin foil hat time. Over Covid-19 how much money did America Print? Canada and the USA, everyone. Shits crazy. Some of us made fortunes thanks to that printing press, I know @StillHustlin did. Putin had...
  2. Mac Jesus

    Greatest rapper of all time?

  3. Mac Jesus

    Snoop super bowl

    Who can hook me up with the vip
  4. Mac Jesus

    Rrmemver this kid?

  5. Mac Jesus

    Malki ballin on you fools

  6. Mac Jesus

    Why aint therr a thread on Minneapolis
  7. Mac Jesus


    who's grabbing one? Rumors are an Oct release but who knows. I missed out on ps4 so I'm a get one soon as I can.
  8. Mac Jesus

    Siccness stories

    This one dude who used to post on here NAMO. Dude used to be in the GOM posting left wing articles and what not. Anyway, I got to talking to dude on AOL chat or Yahoo or one of them old messengers. I would talk hella shit to him. Anyway, I walk away from my computer to go to work and I guess I...
  9. Mac Jesus

    Yall rrmember

    How popping this place was in the wake of 911.. let's bring that back with the iran shit going down. Argue more. Losers
  10. Mac Jesus

    Gangster shit

    What's the most gangster thing you ever did or witnessed in your entire lifetime. Be specific with details. - mj the cop
  11. Mac Jesus

    RIP Joker

    Called to do a podcast with the joker about flat earth and found out that the joker passed away last night due to failed liver problems or something. RIP dude. Hope you're dancing with the devil under moonlight or something.
  12. Mac Jesus

    Anyone rememebrr that time siccness was a cartoon? Man I was glad we at least kept it going long enough for it to get archived
  13. Mac Jesus

    What race of people are your favorite?

    Not meant to be racist but it's true, some are better than others.
  14. Mac Jesus

    anyone in here hypochondriac.

    weird subject. but i was just wondering. cuz i think i might be a hypochondriac. just curious if anyone else in here worrys about hella stupid shit and thinks all kinds of fucked up thouhgts. its not major for me. but ive been told by hella people THAT THEY DONT HEAR VOICES IN THEY HEAD BUT I DO...
  15. Mac Jesus


    It's been a long time since this has been discussed. I feel we have all matured a lot since 1998 when EDJ first asked this question, which at the time, was a ground breaking question to ask. It was one of those questions that, though simple, placed us outside of our comfort zones. The dichotomy...
  16. Mac Jesus


    There's all these creep catcher / Chris Hansen type videos popping up, but in this one the dude actually gets arrested which is cool.
  17. Mac Jesus

    Virtual Reality

    Has anyone tried this yet? They got the HTC Vive up at this place in town and I'm thinking of checking it out. It's been awhile since I been huge into video games just because I've been hella busy with life. VR looks like its bout to revolutionize shit though. You seen these accessories they...
  18. Mac Jesus


    RIP SICCNESS WIKI SEPTEMBER 4 2013 - OCT 13 2015. :cry:
  19. Mac Jesus

    Black Friday :(

    It is with heavy hearts we observe Black Friday. On this very day in 1893 New Zealand became the first country in which women were allowed to vote in a national election.
  20. Mac Jesus

    The **OFFICIAL** plumbing, pipefitting, and Canadian wilderness thread

    This is where you can post any of your questions and comments related to plumbing, pipefitting, or Canadian wilderness.