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  1. Mixerr

    Strange Music has fallen off since Rittz left.

    How many of you do agree?
  2. Mixerr

    New SIC ILL album review written by Mixerr Reviews!

    Link for those who don't want or desire to read the text below. Mixerr Reviews: Mixerr Album Reviews #1,323 Mixerr Album Reviews #1,323 This is Michael Mixerr. Tonight I will review SIC ILL - EPIDEMIC (demo). EPIDEMIC is a similar album in the vein of the recent Jay-Z - 4:44 as Seattle...
  3. Mixerr

    Anyone know about the SAC - Freedom or Death cassette?

    Drop some knowledge.
  4. Mixerr

    Who here put the Mannibal Lector album back into its case after 2 plays?

    I know I did.:ermm:
  5. Mixerr

    SAC - Freedom or Death album is finally online!

    Here is a soundclick link.: SoundClick Mobile Frameset
  6. Mixerr

    Black Mikey albums that should have come out but didn't.

    Here are some Black Mikey albums that should have gotten released but never did for whatever reason. I'll start off the thread since I started it. Share your thoughts and opinions here about the subject. Out Of Sight, But On Ya Of Mind The Awakening Blasphemy 2 Tha Hard Way
  7. Mixerr

    House left in the middle of the road!

    For the past 3 days since October 1st, 2016, a house has been sitting in the middle of the road located on East Live Oak Street which is near South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. The house was an attraction for a haunted house. It appears that the rental company that was hauling the...
  8. Mixerr

    Urban exploration video thread

    Here is the mega thread for urban exploration! Post any urban exploration you may have recorded or just want to share. I'll start off this thread by posting my urban exploration videos. Urban Exploration with Mixerr Reviews! - YouTube
  9. Mixerr

    Urban exploration video ofabandoned cement plant!

    Urban exploration video of abandoned cement plant! Check out this abandoned cement plant I found! I recorded an urban exploration video here. It's my longest urban exploration video to date. I found a lot of cool stuff here. The abandoned cement plant is less than a mile away from Urban Roots...
  10. Mixerr

    Arson aftermath of Burger King restaurant!

    Located at the intersection of Lamar Boulevard & Rutland Drive, a Burger King restaurant appears to have been set on fire by an arsonist. The roof has collapsed on the inside from the fire damage that occurred. Exact details as to what led to this incident are currently unclear. However, the...
  11. Mixerr

    News update on dead body found in Colorado River!!

    The body has been identified as Lonnie Sturtevant, 44. In the early dark morning of April 17, 2015, 2 boaters along with the Austin Police Department and Austin Fire Department found a dead body in the Colorado River early this morning in Austin, Texas, US. Forensics team had arrived 25 minutes...
  12. Mixerr

    My time at SXSW 2016.

    Someone on here asked that I post videos from my time at SXSW. So here they are.
  13. Mixerr

    Prhyme Suspect anyone?

    I'm starting a Prhyme Suspect thread since they were so underrated. Anyone feel free to contribute.
  14. Mixerr

    Instrumental rock anyone?

    Who here listens to instrumental rock? I'll start off the thread.
  15. Mixerr

    Anyone know about a rapper named Damion The Demon Seed?

    He put out a self-titled EP on cassette back in 1993. He is from Saginaw, Michigan. I don't know much about him. Although I found this doing some research.: • katso viestiketjua - Saginaw Here's some tracks I found too...