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    2 new Sky Balla albums

    Validated and Omerta he's got a couple slappers on both, its just good to see him back active. hypci56UQMU fxbm4ndCCTI XyCnAgi0eks
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    RIP DJ Crazy Toones

    I'm sure by now most of you have heard Crazy Toones passed away on Monday. He was WC's younger brother, part of the Maad Circle and Ice Cube's tour DJ. A real West Coast legend. R.I.P.
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    Coolio Da Unda Dogg - Rest In Peace Mac Dre

    7ncZmy9inYI RIP to Mac Dre 11 years to the day
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    RIP Tuff Da Goon

    Just saw 40 post this on facebook. Said he died of a heart attack.
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    J-Diggs - Rompaugraphy

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    Smoke A Lot Radio

    I heard the show from last week with Philthy and Mess anybody know how I can hear the new shit?
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    Messy Marv and Duna - Vallesko ??

    anybody have some info on this ? saw it on cduniverse with a release date of 7-21-09
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    Rich the Factor / Whale Clothing

    anybody know where I can order some of those shirts online?
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    AP9 on GLP Straight Out The Labb ??

    I was just listening to "Other Side Of The Game" and at the end he gives a shout out to Bishop the barber and dude gets on the mic for a hot sec it sounds like it could be a young AP9
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    Ampichino Official Thread

    I got a sneak peek this album is fire go and get it, fasssst
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    New Dubee !!! Thizzmatic

    anybody have some info or a tracklist on this one?
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    Kilo Curt - Pure Peruvian

    does anyone have info on this cd?
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    Happy Birthday Mac Dre

    I wanna send a RIP and Happy Birthday shot out to Mac Dre a real Bay Area rap legend he would have turned 38 today. I'm keepin Mac Dre in the mix all day today
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    Boxes / Enclosures

    anyone know a good spot to find custom enclosures ?
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    Al Kapone - Da Resurrection

    my auction on ebay check it out
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    535 - Scars and Stripes

    anybody know if this is official?
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    Plies New Album Cover

    Discuss Is it just me or does it seem like this guy is tryin too hard?
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    Component Speakers

    I'm looking to get some 6 1/2" components for my car any suggestions?
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    Help TC and his fam out

    I got this bulletin on myspace from legendary producer TC who's studio and home was recently burned up. If you're in the Frisco area its a good chance to show some bay luv by supporting TC and also theres gonna be a packed house RBL Posse, Cellski, JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Huey MC, UNLV...
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    Lil Cyco = Maserati Rick ??

    did Lil Cyco officially change his name?