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  1. Tormentid

    ISO rare Strange Music merch, leather jacket, CDs

    Please dont move this I want it in the Strange Forum not the B/S/T here where the Technicians aren't I'm looking for Official promo CD-R advance copies of strange albums any artist on the label. I already have a handful of them including the X-Files EP.... did that song How Can I Ration off...
  2. Tormentid

    Tormentid Vol 2-4 Whoopstock Selections FREE download (ft Snug Brim & more)

    Selections from Vol 2-4 (also a preview to volume 4 coming soon!) Download at I shot the Snug Brim “yeah” music video with chinky eye a few years ago Traders Crypt Design Services :cheers:
  3. Tormentid

    Tormentid Vol 3 features Snug Brim, PLC, PJB, LSP, Tanqueray Locc is signed to Madesicc Muzicc with Brotha Lynch... but the song features Scum of LSP and is an exclusive to the mixtape! Also check out the Snug Brim song "yeah" I shot part of the music video! I know I don't post here a lot anymore but I...
  4. Tormentid

    I shot 3 Snug Brim music videos over the past year...

    Traders Crypt - Buy Sell Trade ANYTHING! So who wants to loan me $240 so I can get my dot com back? lol
  5. Tormentid

    Traders Crypt / The Tormentid Vol 2.5 Mixtape

    check out my like page for updates the group page to buy/sell/trade :dead::dead::dead::dead: The Tormentid Vol 2.5 will be released at the Gathering of the Juggalos 17 for FREE! Download Vol 2 on DatPiff or Soundcloud...
  6. Tormentid

    MARS get at me! (or other artists) Anyone trading/selling merch?

    Darkness told me you did some design work on the flyer for Mayhem show with Clay & Hoodoo. I'm also a designer and I'm looking to put together a design team type thing or a business.. also I'm going to do a mixtape for i'm working on the website it will be online in...
  7. Tormentid

    Who remembers me?? I'm selling my collection and building online store Traders Crypt

    Yoooo its been another minute... I'm making my way back to living on my computer and I started selling off my collection to pay bills so I got some strange merch for sale but you are also able to post your merch too on I been giving out free tech n9ne stuff in...
  8. Tormentid

    How goes it?

    Whats up Siccness? It's been awhile since I posted. just thought I would stop by and say whats up to he people I used to talk to on here
  9. Tormentid

    Kutt Calhoun & Stevie Stone LIVE back 2 back tonight in St Paul MN!!!

    If you see me at Kutt I'll be wearing my KUTT jersey and taking random pictures of people with my 7D... so say whats up. I probably wont be attending Stevie Stone because I have another event to go to. The venue is sure to fuck up the timing on the shows for sure though so be warned.
  10. Tormentid

    Tech in MPLS Tomorrow! Infinity & Kamakazi are going to open again. they should pick someone else next time... same people as always
  11. Tormentid

    Lynch video clip from last night

    2011-09-23 Skatterman @ Station 4 K-1D0bW5Tek 2011-11-05 Brotha Lynch Hung @ Arnellia's YIx9rrdqeNI
  12. Tormentid


    last year I made this image for a friend... I never really thought this image was finished. I will need to go back to it someday On October 1st I started working on the image in my sig... Whatcha think? I am not done with it yet but I like the way its turning out and I only worked on it...
  13. Tormentid

    Lynch Live in St Paul, MN!

    Well, since I didn't post about the Skatterman show maybe I should mention Lynch?
  14. Tormentid


    I went to the show last night in St. Paul MN. A good show as always but a huge lack of support... not many people were there. Liquid Assassin spit some acapella for a few minutes to close the show! My video turned out decent, but my pics suck! but here they are... Project Switchblade...
  15. Tormentid

    OT: Liquid Assassin

    I hit up the CD Release party last night in Saint Paul and I'm going to his concert in Mankato again tonight! The new cd is worth picking up for sure! I'm not a review guy but hearing Hopsin on Beastmode was pretty fucking cool. 2hdhvcjpBH4 Non-Hopsin version 01-Intro 02-That's Wassup...
  16. Tormentid

    OT: Photoshop Fun!

    yup yup... zombie time of the year
  17. Tormentid

    Credit card fraud

    It could be many things including a virus/keylogger but after I placed my order during the sale on the strange music website I received an email from my CC company saying someone in russia has tried to make about $1500 in cash advances. So if you ordered anything during black friday on tech's...
  18. Tormentid

    Tech & more featured on Messy Marv Chipped Out Vol. 4

    New Draped Up And Chipped Out Comp from your boy... Messy Marv aka The Boy Boy Young Mess TRACKLIST 01.Tech N9ne, Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko - Gain Green [04:46] 02.Calico - Oil [04:19] 03.Skiem, Messy Marv and Rich the Factor - Married to the Game [04:10] 04.Keak Da Sneak - That's Real...
  19. Tormentid

    Tony Fly is down

  20. Tormentid

    The Punisher PSN

    I need 2 more people to get the swift delivery trophy does anyone have this game and wanna help out tonight?