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  1. mocheezkc

    #nodrakeorwayne ymcmb had a good run, time to move on
  2. mocheezkc

    A. Samuels "Livin De Life"
  3. mocheezkc

    The perfect Barack Obama XMAS gift

  4. mocheezkc

    I just Pissed for 2 Minutes!!!!

  5. mocheezkc

    "Gangsta Walk"

  6. mocheezkc

    Classic 8Ball & MJG "Mr. BIGG"

    this was the First 8ball and mjg record i ever heard......... MSUw_sfqqo0 still bump this classic!!!! :cool:
  7. mocheezkc

    Vell Bakardy "Whip it, Chop it" *new single
  8. mocheezkc

    Ain't Nothin' Gangsta ABT siccness......

    this site has turned into a troll haven fo......... suburban crackaz that wanna feel "cool"............... :siccness::cool: much love 2 Ez-Roo fo' "the only thread that matters" on
  9. mocheezkc

    REALEST NIGGAZ KC Ever Seen!!!!

    PLlgXQ7Z6Gw llcVZueslmI :siccness:
  10. mocheezkc

    YOUNG KEV - "Let's Get Drunk"

    Mvl2K7iPH84 :cool:
  11. mocheezkc

    Messy Marv in KC this Weekend....

    paxXMk4LMsw Check out the Boy Mess @ Scottish Rite Temple this FriDay May 20th ........ and He'll also be performing at BlVd. Nites this Saturday May 21st....... Be SAfe & CareFul..... :siccness:
  12. mocheezkc

    The CARTOON Thread

    Cartoons will always be a part of what i watch on the TV. This thread is for Sicc brehs that appreciate cartoons. From childhood to adulthood, no matter your situation in life, cartoons are something that have been the constant throughout the history of television.... in no particular order...
  13. mocheezkc

    December 21, 2012!!! smdh......

    if the world don't end on 12-21-2012....... sumbody owes my 11 yr. old an apology......:siccness::cool::siccness:
  14. mocheezkc

    Taco Party commercial

    fvo7zo8FGJg i saw this commercial and thought of all the taco brehs on the sicc.......
  15. mocheezkc

    KC Rapper convicted in cocaine case don't be sloppy on yo phone........
  16. mocheezkc

    Krizz Kalico @ Beaumont Club 2 nite

    is anybody going to the performance??? is this Krizz's first headline show in KC???
  17. mocheezkc

    Tha Joker (this lil nigga iz DOPE)

    NmQbR3CnzVg this the only up & coming rapper i can respect right now...... funny thing is, my kids put me up on Tha Joker..... lol..... Joker is the anti-soulja boy
  18. mocheezkc

    When is KC gonna get off of the Bay nutz???

    man, if i hear about one more J-diggs performance in KC, i'm gonna dust off my burner gloves, grab my throwaway and fuKC up the whole demo..... who are the promoter's that keep paying this nobody ass nigga to perform in the town???? awww, he's from the Bay, he MUST be somebody...
  19. mocheezkc

  20. mocheezkc

    "nice tits" on little girls candy...???

    this seems to be the most popular topic on the sicc 2day...... siccness fallin off..........>:(