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  1. smittycal

    I can’t believe it!

    Nope, he’s doing his Ear House label. He’s doing his own tour and no longer with SM. Kind of “strange” knowing hes doing his own thing, but I’m happy he’s giving it a shot.
  2. smittycal

    I can’t believe it!

    I haven’t logged in here in YEARS and I’m astonished that this place is not only still here but simi active lol. I was pretty sure that all the other social media outlets, YT and SM presence would shutter this thread but here it is 😂 glad to see some of the old heads still holding it down...
  3. smittycal

    Tech on Jimmy Kemmel tomorrow night (6/24)

    Just passing the word along. He'll be on there to perform Fragile with Krizz, Wrek, and the guy that sings the hook. Sorry I'm too lazy to look it up right now hah. There's a flyer going around online too. I don't normally watch the show but I'll have to check it out for possible interviews...
  4. smittycal

    Techs mother passes away. RIP Maudie Yates

    I'm not trying to get too personal in Techs life, but we all know that his mom's sickness over the last few years had been a topic he's spoken on in interviews and on record. She passed away a day or two ago and I'm just wondering what, if any effect it will have on his music going forward. Or...
  5. smittycal

    Krizz Kaliko "Why Me" visuals

    I'm really liking this song. I wasnt sure if I was gonna get this album but it's getting snatched up hah. Damn it SM gonna get all my damn money this year haha /dfMrsrzxZxc
  6. smittycal

    New Ces Cru / Godemis visuals

    New visuals for Deevil Kenevil /GScXCZTPOUM Ces Cru in the team backpack cypher. /8b5pHksHxKg
  7. smittycal

    Extreme Rules 2013 PPV

    Im looking for links at the moment. Anyone have any predictions for this PPV?
  8. smittycal

    Kind of OT:RIP Zoo of Bhood

    A part of the Bhood group passed away today in KC. ZooBhood was killed in a house fire this morning. There's no official case yet but it looks like an accident. I was gonna post a few links up but I'm on my phone right now. Ill share a few things tonight. RIP to Zoo of Bhood. He was a...
  9. smittycal

    Something Else possible tracklist

    I just saw this posted and simi confirmed from Tech. If this is even close to the official track list I think I would have made it to SM Nirvana lol. This pretty much has all the features that Tech should have done years ago but needed to get done to call his career a success (IMO) I know...
  10. smittycal

    Independent Powerhouse Tour Sampler

    In case you dont have it/ havent heard it yet heres a dl link. Strange Music - Independent Powerhouse Sampler (2013)* » Tinydl.Com Full And Free Download Thoughts?
  11. smittycal

    Ces Cru Constant Energy Struggle album

    I just wanted to take a second and share my thoughts on the Ces Cru album. I've been listening to the new album for a few days now and all I have to say is that it goes. Godi and Ubi just show how much they have progressed as rappers on this album and the fact that they didnt have a crap ton...
  12. smittycal

    Rittz - 'Questions' (Tech N9ne) 2012 Remix

    This came out a few days ago but I think the forum was off.[ Ritz spitting to my favorite Tech beat and killing it. I gotta say Im impressed with dude. Hopefully Techs doing a new verse and putting some of the new artists on the label on there. 36FF8Ulw5iQ
  13. smittycal

    Black Dynamite Anitmated Series

    I didnt see a thread for this show yet and deserves hear you go lol Is anyone else watching this? So far its been on par if not funnier then Boondocks and keeps getting better by the episode Heres a few scenes if your not up on it yet lol...
  14. smittycal

    "13" Ces Cru Strange Music out for preorder

    Preorders have started and the album art and tracklist are out. This is probably my most anticipated Strange release this year next to Techs and I think it may have the potential to break SM open to a wider audience. Now of course this has been said before but Im interested to see what happens...
  15. smittycal

    Ces Cru video shoot for "Coliseum"

    Strange put on a video shoot yesterday for a new song on the upcoming "13" EP from Ces Cru. I was there at the shoot as an extra but got a chance to take a few pics while I was there. They didnt advertise it (for obvious reasons) but Tech Makzilla were there for the video and Tech mentioned...
  16. smittycal

    The ENTIRE Ces Fest show (Live from the Riot Room)

    Just saw this posted today. This is the entire Ces Fest show. If anyone has any doubts about Ces Cru this should shut it down. This shows both Ubi and Godi holding it down! kpq1MPaofAI!
  17. smittycal

    Money in the bank 2012

    Just in case anyone needs this.
  18. smittycal

    Godemis ft Info Gates "Deevil Kneevil" [live performance]

    qThis video was taken at Ces Fest last Friday night in KC...shit was dope! That boy Godemis is a straight PROBLEM!! lOSF5YShIvo
  19. smittycal

    Godemis (of Ces Cru) "FreeDoom" Feat Ubiquitous of Ces Cru & JL of BHood video

    Godemis (of Ces Cru) "FreeDoom" Feat Ubiquitous of Ces Cru & JL of BHood video This just popped up today... Not gonna front, Im digging the song and the Video haha..but WARNING ..if your adverse to flashing lights and fast moving images dont watch this haaha Im rolling to Ces...
  20. smittycal

    Ces Cru Listening party and free album downloads

    Ces Cru's listening party for Matter dont Money from UBI and Deevil from Godimes (sp) lol Both of there tapes sound good so far. You can see there different styles but they just mesh so well. And here are the links...