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  1. Gold Deez

    Post up a pic of your CD collection!

    Been taking stuff off the shelves and not putting it back for a few years. Now I'm paying for it. Been spending long hours after work going through everything. I'm interested in seeing what other OG's here collections are looking like. Maybe even some storage options. Post up a pic!
  2. Gold Deez

    Don't Look Down

  3. Gold Deez

    Fucking Metal!!!

    Some good friends of mine grindcore band KNIFEWOUND based outta Wichita, KS. If you like what you hear give 'em a like on FB. kCy4xSJhqbU
  4. Gold Deez

    Fucking Metal!!!

  5. Gold Deez

    Fucking Metal!!!

  6. Gold Deez

    Social Distortion / Mike Ness... Other bands like?

    Check out Reno Divorce. They played here in Wichita a few weeks ago. Pretty good stuff.
  7. Gold Deez

    Outlaw Country

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  8. Gold Deez

    Outlaw Country

    My good friend here in Wichita, KS is a promoter and a big outlaw country/honky tonk fan. That's all he pretty much books. Been hitting all the shows and is about all I listen to anymore. I'm hooked. So far he's had all these bands come through town: The Goddamn Gallows, The Calamity Cubes...
  9. Gold Deez

    Lynch "Refuse To Lose" Independent Powerhouse Tour in Wichita, KS

    First time seeing Lynch in concert. Also met him and got some CD's signed. Brotha Lynch Hung 3/17/13 @ The Cotillion Ballroom Wichita, KS - YouTube
  10. Gold Deez


    I used to look forward to making the trip from Wichita to KC just to pick up some new RTF from 7th Heaven. Haven't made that trip in years cause there's no quality shit being released.
  11. Gold Deez

    R.I.P. Jani Lane

  12. Gold Deez

    48 Hour Camaro Build
  13. Gold Deez

    The Holy Mountain

  14. Gold Deez

  15. Gold Deez

    you laugh, your going to hell
  16. Gold Deez

    Scene Metal

  17. Gold Deez

    Another KC Rapper Shot Dead

  18. Gold Deez

    @ MARS

    Good shit last night in Wichita! Hope them cops didn't fuckin kill the buzz too much. Kansas sucks but we got love for the wicked shit. My girl said she enjoyed the show and she doesn't care for much of anything I listen to. Hope you can make it back out this way again if not to Wichita maybe...