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  1. betthatstang

    Mr Freix

    Matt, here's my two pennies.... I think, and I hope Im not the only one, that it would be more appropriate, and sound better, to have your boy 3rd to hop on S&S's track Sucka Duckas. With that beat, his flow, its a no brainer to me. Just wondering what you and others thought of this idea cuz...
  2. betthatstang

    Cham and Paul Wall reunited... incase u never made it to this side of the sicc.....
  3. betthatstang

    Sox all day all night baby!

    Nobody stood close. This year belonged to the RedSox, handsdown. Congrats!
  4. betthatstang

    My Tech jersey for sale

    whats the good word people. Long time since I've been on here. I know that a hand full of you have hit me up in the past about my jersey. Well if you want it, its for sale. It's been worn only 3 times, all at Tech shows. Otherwise its been hanging up in the closet since, so its in damn near...
  5. betthatstang

    ** Prove it time people **

    Put up or shut up
  6. betthatstang

    Got some Guerilla Maab....

    Just recently got these Guerilla Maab cds. If they're out of print and you want them then let me know which ones. Im not up on them so i don't know what you can still buy at stores. I don't really know the rules on throwin up music and shit so let me know whats up with that. I just got...
  7. betthatstang


    If anyone is interested in having some Tech N9ne shit hit me up with a PM. I have a celcius poster, anghellic poster, AP poster, kutt poster, S&S poster, Tech bandana, other lil single flyers of random shit, single stickers of this and that. Maybe a single poster of other shit too. It's not...
  8. betthatstang

    New ESG

    here ya go JL, thought you'd appreciate this.. features Bun B, Cham, and Jae Millz. Even disses Slim Thug on it
  9. betthatstang

    Kiotti and Cham - Nerves anyone heard this song version before or am I just late w/ this shit?
  10. betthatstang

    DJ Ideal and Paul Wall - Da Bottom Vol. 8

    anyone else got this cd? It's not half bad at all. Any thoughts about it?
  11. betthatstang

    Z-Ro tracklist help please

    i searched online and couldnt find a tracklisting for his cd "A Screwed Up Life". it's got 14 tracks on it. any help is appreciate ! :cool:
  12. betthatstang

    Trae videos "Assholes/Storm the South" some dope tracks here. Does anyone know if these are out and if so where I can get them?
  13. betthatstang

    Fat Tone - My Hood Betrayed Me Vol. 4

    Does anyone have the tracklisting to this. I got this cd on the comp but no titles. Any help?
  14. betthatstang

    Best of Chamillionaire Continued...Vol. 2

    Just a heads up
  15. betthatstang

    Don Blas 'THE MODUS' ... denver ?

    I was in denver this past weekend and got handed this free cd Don Blas 'The Modus'. I was just wonderin if anyone knew if this was Denver local shit and if its any good or worth somethin to local cats there. Any info would help
  16. betthatstang

    New Chamillionaire and Kiotti track... on that hook, but its still aight.
  17. betthatstang

    Michigan sucked Nebraska's balls tonight

    That is all
  18. betthatstang

    Cham's second single "Ridin"

    So what are all of yall impression on Cham's second single "Ridin" feat Krayzie Bone compared to his first one "Turn It Up" feat Flip? I think they both fire and its too hard to chose. Opinions.............
  19. betthatstang

    Does anyone want

    me to upload the cd Z-ro Vs. The World ? I just got it and someone in the past told me it was rare. If thats the case then maybe i should get that bitch up so peeps can check it out. I'll do it based on the responses. I dont wanna piss anyone off. peace
  20. betthatstang

    Jeezy and Bun B - Trap or Die

    check out the vid if u aint knowin already Jeezy was coo but DAAAMN, Bun B fuckin ripped that bitch apart. Definately outshined J. Shits goes hard...what do yall think?