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  1. Gold Deez

    Post up a pic of your CD collection!

    Been taking stuff off the shelves and not putting it back for a few years. Now I'm paying for it. Been spending long hours after work going through everything. I'm interested in seeing what other OG's here collections are looking like. Maybe even some storage options. Post up a pic!
  2. Gold Deez

    Don't Look Down

  3. Gold Deez

    Lynch "Refuse To Lose" Independent Powerhouse Tour in Wichita, KS

    First time seeing Lynch in concert. Also met him and got some CD's signed. Brotha Lynch Hung 3/17/13 @ The Cotillion Ballroom Wichita, KS - YouTube
  4. Gold Deez

    R.I.P. Jani Lane

  5. Gold Deez

    48 Hour Camaro Build
  6. Gold Deez

    The Holy Mountain

  7. Gold Deez

  8. Gold Deez

    you laugh, your going to hell
  9. Gold Deez

    @ MARS

    Good shit last night in Wichita! Hope them cops didn't fuckin kill the buzz too much. Kansas sucks but we got love for the wicked shit. My girl said she enjoyed the show and she doesn't care for much of anything I listen to. Hope you can make it back out this way again if not to Wichita maybe...
  10. Gold Deez

    Tibetan Sky Burial
  11. Gold Deez

    Warning: Vicious Dog Video

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  12. Gold Deez


    anybody cop this yet besides me? very solid deftones album...
  13. Gold Deez

    4/17 SNL ICP Skit

    in case you missed it last night...
  14. Gold Deez

    Dapper Don - Celebrity Gangsta

    so I was in Corpus Christi last week and scooped up the latest release from Dapper Don. shit's mobbin. it's a 2 disc set (cd/dvd). haven't even checked out the dvd yet. the whole disc is produced by A.B. Quintanilla III. deff check it out if you get the chance...
  15. Gold Deez

    T-WES - How You Still Ballin

    found this in a used cd store in corpus christi. anybody have any info on this? rare? dude is from kansas city, ks...
  16. Gold Deez

    I puts it down like a hairnet...

    @ M-Dash you still slangin CD's on the side I need to update my PBE collection. Let me know what you have available and how much. I got paypal ready playa...
  17. Gold Deez

    Breaking Benjamin

    So my girl drug me out to go see Breaking Benjamin tonight. She got the tickets earlier in the week. She loves them. I never really gave them a chance before. It was a sold out show. They truely lit that fuckin place up! One of the cleanest shows I've been to as far as sound goes. I highly...
  18. Gold Deez

    Unemployment...county by county.
  19. Gold Deez

    The Piggy James segment was message to Mickie to lose weight.

    WWE Still Unhappy With Mickie James' Weight Date Added: November 22, 2009 Story By: Amish Patel - On this past Friday's SmackDown, there was a segment involving Mickie James in which rival Diva Michelle McMcool created a personalized video of "Old McDonald". The video's starring character was...
  20. Gold Deez

    chimp attack vitim shows face