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    Redeeming UK code in US

    I pre-ordered the Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Edition through UK Amazon because I'm a sucker for the collectible statues and that one isn't available stateside (lame). Anyway, I received an email from UK Amazon with a code to redeem for the pre-order bonus content, Zodiac Killer mission, and the...
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    MMA News Thread

    My wife and I were there and saw that shit lmao. We were waiting at Halo Bar just outside Axis (where the event was), waiting for my boy Mikey Rukus (collaborated with Zardonic for the WSOF theme song) when it happened!
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    Digital Download Codes - Black Flag, Zoo Tycoon, Max: Curse of Brotherhood.

    All are for Xbox One. I have a code for each that I'm trying to sell. I have listings starting tomorrow on eBay, but if anyone wants a code, hit me up and I can cancel the listing. Looking to get $15-$20 for each.
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    Mixerr Reviews now has a YouTube channel!

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    Mixerr Reviews now has a YouTube channel!

    Walt Jr???
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    San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers

    Blown calls putting points on the board changes the game. Panthers playing from behind changes how they call plays. @Chree - I'm not even a Panthers fan.
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    _hXb73Gw6v4 39:50ish and on.
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    RIP Lord Infamous

    Best part of the interview IMO.
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    RIP Lord Infamous

    Damn that sucks. Infamous always had the best verses. RIP Lord Infamous.
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    Kindle Fire HDX 7"

    I have a code for $30 off if anyone here is planning on buying one. Hit me up if you want it.
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    PS4 v xbox one?

    I'm having trouble finding a complete list, but this is the best I could find. It's the entire first year, so the last few months aren't included. If you buy every game brand new, then this might not mean much to you. If you wait for price drops or deals, then...
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    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    Props to @TLALOC and @[-KoRp$-]559 for helpin' me out online. They helped me get some cash and a garage. I had a good time running a couple missions with them.
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    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    I'm in a crew, but there's only like three or four of us and we're rarely on at the same time. Oh and to clarify, I like teamwork stuff, but not against another team if that makes sense. I guess I like team stuff competing against AI, cuz I tend to suck vs real people haha. Do I need an...
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    Fuck a cable tv bill...fuck netflix

    Well I downloaded it on my Vista desktop and it opens up fine. I don't know what to do with it to get all that cool shit @timebomb is talking about though.
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    Anyone live in Vegas?

    What can you tell me about living there? My wife and I decided that we're moving there next year when our lease is up. We haven't been there, but that doesn't matter. We wanted to move somewhere that is warmer throughout the year, with a decent cost of living and somewhere we can go out any...
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    Post your video game backlog.

    What games have you started playing and haven't finished, or intend to play, but have yet to? I'm usually pretty good about finishing games I start, but I'm pretty behind right now. Skyrim Assassin's Creed III Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dead Space 3 co-op Saints Row...
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    Favorite driving/chase sequences.

    Something that makes a great action movie is a great driving or chase sequence. Also, spoilers will follow if you haven't seen the movies yet. Fast Five - The end getaway sequence. It might be my favorite chase sequence ever. Sure it's completely unrealistic and defies all the laws of...
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    The "what are you playing" thread

    Just beat Dead Space 3 and the game is absolutely awesome. Going back to my previous complaints, I changed my mind about the Plasma Cutter. I crafted one and it was indeed extremely beastly. The weapon crafting is a lot of fun. Also, I played the game on Normal difficulty, and I never found...
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    Crysis 3

    MP betademo dropped on Xbox Live marketplace today (or yesterday maybe). I downloaded it and played a couple matches and it seemed cool. Looked and played a lot like Crysis 2, which I had some fun with after I copped it for cheap from GameFly. I pre-ordered it off of Amazon. It has a $20...
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    Decent deals from Microsoft Store.

    There's a handful of games that come with 1600 Microsoft Points for free when you pre-order. New Xbox Products - Microsoft Store Online I already have Dead Space 3 pre-ordered through Amazon, but I need some points so I might pre-order a couple of these. I wasn't really planning on getting...