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  1. Mr G

    Amazon FireTVStick

    Wassup Brehs, If anybody could tap in and give me the run down on what I need to do to Setup up the Kody Movies and PPV Sports and shit It be highly appreciated G
  2. Mr G

    NFL Fantasy League Talk

    I looked back a few pages to make sure there wasn't already a good one to wake up so straight to it: Cousins against OAK Or Big Ben against CHI Cousins been slumping on fantasy stats but raiders can score making him have to sail it Bears suck so Ben might not have to do much but his first...
  3. Mr G

    Chris Paul traded to Rockets

    CP3, in a move to assist his team of the last 6 years, (also giving the rockets his bird rights for next years free agency) opted in on the last year of his contract to coordinate a trade to Houston. LAC gets Pat Bevs, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a top 3 protected 2018 draft pick. Clippers are...
  4. Mr G

    Vape Catridges.

    I finally got my hands on a brass knuckles cartridge and its fuckin fire. I got Gelato and it tastes so bomb, really like a candy... I seen everybody in cali been on those but my favorite was Alpine Vapors (up til this) there gorilla glue and GSC are smooth AF. I had tried pure vape, bhang, and...
  5. Mr G

    New Mr. G

    "OG" (rough mix) off my next mixtape. Like i did with the solo mission: the beats and song names/concepts are mapped out so now im writing em as i record em. It only has a working title at the moment so i'll just update this thread when i finalize it and the cover or put up some new audio...
  6. Mr G

    Mr. G - The Solo Mission - Official Tracklist

    Buy Yours Directly From The Manufacturer Now (PayPal) $14.30 after tax and shipping (Continental US) Signed Copies Available 14.00 Shipped (Continental US) PayPal.Me/mrg559/14 For Bulk Orders & International Shipping Contact...
  7. Mr G

    HBD DFresh77

    @DFresh77 Have a fun and safe one g.
  8. Mr G

    Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen 11/18/14

    Whos going to get it on PS4 or X-Box One? I cant wait to do it all over again!! If you pre order from gamestop you eill receive a bonus 500k story mode and 500k online. Character transfer is available also... Where the sicc mobb at tho!! @$CASH$ @20sixx @Kon1 @Defy @drunkaholic707...
  9. Mr G

    New Mr. G On Datpiff NOW

    Wassup gente! My new EP is up but #8 was flagged as commercially available so I already contacted them to fix it. (very common with all my mixtapes...) Heres the cover and tracklist 1.Forever Wit The Business 2.Cali Streets Pt.2 ft. Lil Boss Don & Lil Pow Wow. 3.Still Reppin T.K.C. 4.Im At That...
  10. Mr G

    Its About That Time By ZeeK The Hustla

    Its About That Time ft. Mr. G, Little West & The Herbalist. (produced by Ray Ray) ZeeK The Hustla - Its About That Time ft. Mr. G, Little West & The Herbalist ( RayRay) - Download and Stream | Audiomack The Homie is getting ready to drop his "project mixtape" and wants to hear from the...
  11. Mr G

    The Best Of Featuring Mr. G (Free CD Download)

    The Best Of: Featuring Mr. G 1. Yeah! ft. Big Body (Tulare Kings County Mixtape Vol 1) 2. T.C. Life (Baby Boy Ene: T*C.N) 3. Rather Be ft. Ben Davis(R.I.P.) (Smokey: A Visaliano Story) 4. Ride Until We Die ft. Bandit & Phat Joe (The Strangulation Vol.5) 5. Tradin' War Stories ft. Nono...
  12. Mr G

    2014 Pro Bowl Draft Tonight

    Team Rice vs Team Sanders I got the draft set to dvr... anybody looking forward to this? Do you think its gonna save the pro bowl and or be entertaining? I got Team Rice.
  13. Mr G

    Mr. G

    Just in case any one in interested and or might have Sigs off My 3 projects are now online for free. Check em out if you into homeboy rap, any newbs who wanna tell me its wack, no worries I retired long ago... Listen To and Download My Official Debut Album "Back In The Hood"(2010) FREE Here...
  14. Mr G

    Top 5 New Artists You Could See Woodie Rockin' With.

    So its bout to be 2014. What Top 5 Artists that got their name buzzin after he passed could you see Woodie creatin a dope beat for and or doin a sick ass collabo with. If you make it old ass fools who he just never worked with, that's ok too.. If you come in to say the threads been made before...
  15. Mr G

    Nono Brown New Album

    The Londonero is back with a sophomore solo Titled "BossLife" and its processing for digital release... here is a double feature video of 2 tracks off the album.... my boy wanted these to be out cuz its 2 of my last verses... so I didn't just chose to leak em lol.. KSU8MLovJxM Heres the...
  16. Mr G

    49ers vs Titans

    Ima be sitting in LB05 row M. Leavin to frisco now, gonna go drinkin at the pier.. I hope we take this one but just glad I got a chance to hit the stick in the final year. Anybody gonna be there? Is tailgating dope? I never have.... ima just stroll like fuck it wit an 18 pack. Is coo to blow a...
  17. Mr G

    Mr. G & Big Body "Forever With The Business" Tracklist and Audio

    sup brehs, just spent my day off mixing and fucking around with this project. Even though I quit some time ago I cant let this one stay forever uncompleted so here is an update to get the ball rollin. I need to touch base with the homie bout the cover but it will be out on iTunes ASAP, not...
  18. Mr G

    Thanks @Gabe505!

    My new display name looks alot less net banger.... :)
  19. Mr G

    (Starz The Limit) Tha Affiliation Free Album

    Fuck Wit It!! Starz The Limit / Versatile Muzik Presents "Tha First Dose" THA AFFILIATION - Tha First Dose // Free Mixtape @ 1.ATTENTION ft. frankie hood 2.DEADLY WEAPON (BANDIT) 3.DEMONS IN MY EAR ft. chente Corleone, pancholynie (produced by: whiskey loc) 4.FUNCTION...
  20. Mr G

    New Song "Wanna Be A G" Mr. G, N-Sane, Big Body

    good idea. here it is