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    Redeeming UK code in US

    I pre-ordered the Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Edition through UK Amazon because I'm a sucker for the collectible statues and that one isn't available stateside (lame). Anyway, I received an email from UK Amazon with a code to redeem for the pre-order bonus content, Zodiac Killer mission, and the...
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    Digital Download Codes - Black Flag, Zoo Tycoon, Max: Curse of Brotherhood.

    All are for Xbox One. I have a code for each that I'm trying to sell. I have listings starting tomorrow on eBay, but if anyone wants a code, hit me up and I can cancel the listing. Looking to get $15-$20 for each.
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    Kindle Fire HDX 7"

    I have a code for $30 off if anyone here is planning on buying one. Hit me up if you want it.
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    Anyone live in Vegas?

    What can you tell me about living there? My wife and I decided that we're moving there next year when our lease is up. We haven't been there, but that doesn't matter. We wanted to move somewhere that is warmer throughout the year, with a decent cost of living and somewhere we can go out any...
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    Post your video game backlog.

    What games have you started playing and haven't finished, or intend to play, but have yet to? I'm usually pretty good about finishing games I start, but I'm pretty behind right now. Skyrim Assassin's Creed III Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dead Space 3 co-op Saints Row...
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    Favorite driving/chase sequences.

    Something that makes a great action movie is a great driving or chase sequence. Also, spoilers will follow if you haven't seen the movies yet. Fast Five - The end getaway sequence. It might be my favorite chase sequence ever. Sure it's completely unrealistic and defies all the laws of...
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    Crysis 3

    MP betademo dropped on Xbox Live marketplace today (or yesterday maybe). I downloaded it and played a couple matches and it seemed cool. Looked and played a lot like Crysis 2, which I had some fun with after I copped it for cheap from GameFly. I pre-ordered it off of Amazon. It has a $20...
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    Decent deals from Microsoft Store.

    There's a handful of games that come with 1600 Microsoft Points for free when you pre-order. New Xbox Products - Microsoft Store Online I already have Dead Space 3 pre-ordered through Amazon, but I need some points so I might pre-order a couple of these. I wasn't really planning on getting...
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    TV is fuckin' up!

    About a week or so ago, I got home from work and was watching TV, and the picture started dimming. This is Samsung DLP TV, so I thought the lamp needed to be replaced and ordered one. The next day, I turned it on again and there was a loud clicking/grinding sound. I decided to wait til the lamp...
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    Buy 2 Get 1 Free sales.

    Anyone know of any upcoming B2G1 sales? i already got Halo 4 and ACIII, and now some other sweet games have released that I want, but don't necessarily want for full price (Hitman: Absolution, CoD Blops 2 and Far Cry 3).
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    2012 Dallas Cowboys thread.

    I was reluctant to make this, but fuck it, I've never made one of these threads in the sports forum. They looked like shit in their first pre-season game. Same problems as last year...stupid ass penalties and shitty O-line play. Only thing they were missing for the trifecta of ineptitude was...
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    Mikey Rukus makes song for the Gracie family.

    This is one of the managers where I work. He makes custom music for promotions and fighters and he's been gaining traction within the industry recently. He made a song for Mark Hunt's last fight, and his name was the banner hanging on the cage during the introductions. He's also supposed to be...
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    Gaming slump.

    I'm in a gaming slump right now. Everything I try to play, I'm just not feelin' it very much. I tried to play MW3 MP and wasn't feelin' it. I tried the campaign, same thing. I started my second play-through of Red Dead Redemption, no go. I put in Dead Space, same thing. I bought Darksiders for...
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    H3o97elQJmE nZmDc45FhII Lmfao. Such a dick move, but it's pretty funny.
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    Meet any wrestlers/wrestling personalities?

    Brian Hebner, son of Earl Hebner, came into where I work tonight. I told him I remember seeing him at TNA Capital Punishment (one of the first TNA events outside of Orlando I believe) when he had a hair vs hair match against Earl.
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    Props are back...again.

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    Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

    On all games $29.99 and up, next week at the Blue and Yellow. Deciding if I'll get Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3 and maybe WWE '12, or another game.
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    Are gamers getting ripped off this generation?

    First, the price hike from $50 last gen, to $60 this gen. It's understandable with the development costs, until you start seeing other ways we might be being ripped off. Second, more and more games are having a very small or non-existent game manual. I may be in the minority, but I enjoy...
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    Grand Theft Auto III Tenth Anniversary

    PtbUORusNvo I never played this one (GTA IV was my first GTA game because I missed that entire console generation), so this could be a chance for me to play it.
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    Fuck Tony Romo.

    I thought maybe he turned the corner and was done giving the games away, but nope. Biggest collapse in Cowboys history...after their second biggest collapse against the Jets in the opener. Three INTs, two returned for TDs. Fuck him. I'm done trying to support this fucking choking faggot.